ATM tha Kunze Kid / Press

“You're my favorite artist. Your music really gets my juices flowing and I mean that in the best way possible!!”

Aurora Christine Casillo - Fan

“Something about music this morning: Listening to ATM is a great way to start the day.”

“Your music is nice bro! Keep doing your thing. I'll keep checking you out, and support good music. That "The Question Is" go hard!!”

Reubin Hurricane - Local Artist

“Yeah dude I'm lovin it! You're like the most inspiring artist in Oklahoma; I been writing, putting my head to it ever since that day we took you to the city. If you keep putting out stuff like "First Deposit", then you're gonna go to the top; only speaking the truth.”

Billy Childers - Street Team

“Pretty good lyrics on the "First Deposit" track... You kinda remind me of a Kid Cudi or a Kanye type. Good spit....keep that ambition and drive with that shit... 100 mph.”

Dirty B.Rown - Glendale, AZ