Andre Bisson: Rhythm & Blues Experience / Press

““With a title like Left With the Blues, that’s what I was expecting to pull from this batch of songs, but there is so much going on here I was delighted as each track grabbed me and took on some really cool, unexpected side trips. This is a perfect album”.”

John the Rock Doctor Kereiff - Written by John the Rock Doctor Kereiff

"Packed with enough soul and energy to fill a couple of albums, Andre and his big band will satisfy all your musical cravings". -2015 Left With the Blues

Hamilton B Lous - Hamilton Blues Lovers

"Left With The Blues veers from soulful ballads to jumpy blues numbers that ignite sparks like metal on flint. This is a robust blues album that leaves an impression.”`

  Invisible Ink

“This Hamilton-based band’s horn-based retro soul moves markedly forward with an all-original program by Bisson, the bandleader, vocalist and guitar player and sometime piano player. One listen, though, will tell you that he has a fine group of willing accomplices on board. Add in a couple of guests and you can transport yourself right back to the Club Bluenote. “Bad Scene” serves up a slab of funk for the opener. “Wasting Time” & “Timeless Love” keep the groove going with gorgeous melodies, something Bisson excels at. – John Valentyn – Toronto Blue Society – Maple Blues Magazine”

“Local bluesman Andre Bisson's latest CD, Bad Scene recently earned 7 Hamilton Music Awards - and with good reason! Andre's usual tasty blend of blues, swing, R&B, and soul have received an extra shot of energy. His voice is more powerful than ever and the hot band is right there with him. The albums packed with incedible numbers: the hard drivin' Soul Survivor, the cool boogie of the title track, straight ahead blues rock (Wasting Time), slow soulful numbers (Ever Since You Went Away) and an excellent cover of Jimi Hendrix's Remember. Rounding out this killer main band is Loretta Hale (Trumpet), Brad Cheeseman (Bass), Matt Burns (Drums/Tambourine) and Francis Smith (Sax). Special guests include Jesse O'Brien, Darcy Hepner, Andrew King, Kevin Matthews. This amazing album can be downloaded through and iTunes and cdbaby (where you can also get a CD rip of it).”

“When it comes to Blues and R&B, Funky or Soulfully infused, it really doesn't get much better than "Till The Real Thing Comes Along". 5***** for "Till The Real Thing Comes Along". Thoroughly Enjoyed and Highly Recommended...”

“Desde Canadá llega el guitarrista André Bisson, quien desde 2005 está recorriendo los caminos del blues en su país y también los de Irlanda, Inglaterra y Gales. En su cuarta producción muestra una vez más su estilo, lleno de toques de B.B. King, The Commitments o el sonido Motown. Ofrece una combinación sabia de arreglos de vientos con un buen trabajo de guitarra más una voz preparada para cantar fuerte o suave, según la canción lo amerite. Realmente es una alternativa bastante refrescante la que llega desde Canadá, que cada día sorprende con grandes músicos de blues.”

“If the latest CD from local guitar master Andre Bisson, Till the Real Thing Comes Along, doesn't get you movin', you better check your pulse. This is the kinda music that's perfect for groovin' and havin' a good time.”

“on The Harvest Blues - Monaghan Rhythm & Blues Festival in Monaghan, Ireland "A refreshingly, alternative musical experience was provided by the Canadian group Andre & the J-Tones." "A combination of clever arrangements, tasteful guitar work, and exceptionally talented saxophone and trumpet players"”

“When it comes to Canadian Blues Artists and Funky Soulful Blues and More..., Andre Bisson is hands down one of the very best and his Killer new release, "Till The Real Thing Comes Along', is all the proof you need.”

“Hamilton’s André Bisson & the J-Tones seem intent on making Steel Town into Soul Town. What they call an R&B Experience is a full-featured horn band. A relatively young Bisson sings, plays guitar & piano and writes the band’s material, but the horns do the heavy lifting. This is their fourth album and they’re quite close enough to the real thing.”

"Rhythm and Blues Experience" consists of a virtual powerhouse of musicians, in fact Andre features 9 other superb musicians on this album, all working in perfect harmony together, producing both a soft and a big band feeling depending on the nature of the song.

“If soulfully sung blues, backed up by hot rhythm, with a full, and very funky, horn section do the trick for you, then "Rhythm And Blues Experience" by Andre Bisson will surely work some magic for you.”

“With a solid cast of musicians to perform the tunes, what shines is the almost live, edgy vibe of the CD and Bisson’s powerful voice – not far off from influences like Joe Cocker – gritty and soulful.”

“His vocals are quite good, unashamedly recalling the soul greats”