Andi Starr / Press

“The material here may at times seem like it’s coming from a dark place. However, the truth is Starr is one of those writers who strips herself naked and makes writing a cathartic experience. This could explain why the project sounds like something she truly enjoyed recording.”

““Andi Starr aims to pave the way for the dreamers, and inspire them to change the world. “The World Will Follow” is a ballad of such grandeur and the video is determined to match that same splendor.””

-La Famos

“Starr sings in a breathy voice as fragile as a spider’s web swinging in a breeze. Throughout the record, Starr’s vocals crack and fade into falsetto one second and boom with a kind of bawling earnestness the next. These songs are the restless tales and prayers of a performer who knows the desire of which she sings in all its depths and detours.”

“Your songs bring a moment of peace... a second of tenderness... a minute of a voice that sounds as if the angels have come to heart street.”

Chiz, Homeless Shelter (NY)

“... Starr is inventive and mesmerising, she sparkles with heartfelt delivery, emotional and intimate tales of love. Make no mistake, this is a powerful musical statement from a rare talent.”

Rich Nelson - 9/10 Classic Rock Magazine

"Wow, I am absolutely loving Andi¹s music...dramatic, complex, completely engaging."

Seth Cohen, PR

“Very nice slick dreamy moody melodic modern pop that could easily be appreciated by millions. Young Andi Starr is a great example of just how good underground recording artists can be. At a point in time when anyone can be a recording artist the results are sometimes weird and disastrous. But not here. A great deal of time and energy was obviously spent recording The World Will Follow. These smooth flowing tracks feature cool articulate arrangements and at the heart of the music are Andi's super smooth and effective vocals. This lady has an extraordinarily expressive voice and she never overdoes it (something most twenty-first century singers are guilty of). This is Starr's sixth full-length release. It will no doubt be warmly embraced by fans and bring even more attention to this rising star's music. Nifty dreamy cuts include "The World Will Follow," "Already Gold" (our favorite), "Ticket-Taker," and "Water Rising." ”

““Andi Starr hits the right notes: the notes that hurt, the notes that know you, the notes that make you meet yourself.””

Gianmarc Manzione - Culturespill Magazine

"Andi, thank you for the gift of your wonderful music! This song, 'Already Gold' helped me hang in there through some of the roughest days of my life!

Pat Goodeill

“Just a warning...if you want the basic girl with guitar thing, she's way deeper than that. Which to me makes her that much more appealing sonically and artistically." ,”

Christopher Levine - Eclectic Inc.

"Between her vocals and arrangements, Starr calms and subdues like a soothing pinot noir on a cool late afternoon."

Craig Hartranft - Dangerdog Music Review

"Starr has a longing, whispering sound in her voice that's very alluring and appealing..."

Greg Steffan - Music Retail

"Delilah's Response" is totally amazing - love the new songs!

Thomas, C2G Global Management/Promotion - Reverbnation

““... Starr should have no problem quickly distancing herself from the competition—her clear, lovely voice and clean, lean folk-pop instincts mark her as a career artist and not just another flash in the pan.””

Barbara Mitchell - The Portland Tribune