Ancient Whales / Press

“Along with Owls and Wolves of various kinds, I think Whales must be one of the most popular animals to turn up in band names. The Ancient Whales are the latest and most certainly one of the better ones if their mix of melodic garage rock and hazy psychedelia is anything to go by. Try this track, Everyone from their new studio EP Birthing via Owlphabet Records. Aggressive yet imaginative and as insistently catchy as anything we’ve heard in a good while. It is full of memorable guitar riffs, splashes of woozy reverb and hits a sweet spot or two with the cool doubled up vocals intoning “The stars in the sun, belong to everyone“. Grab the new EP for $7 from their Bandcamp page here. Get their self-titled debut album on a ‘pay what you want deal’ here. Download Ancient Whales – Everyone mp3 (from Birthing EP) ”

“All Friends in One Place: Enoch Bledsoe’s Owlphabet label is keeping busy with an upcoming new release from the blissful Ancient Whales”

“We became enam­ored with the open­ing band, Ancient Whales. The melodic garage sound and an aggres­sive yet imag­i­na­tive qual­ity made us want to know more about them. From what depths of this town bub­bled up their cre­ativ­ity — a sur­pris­ingly dreamy album, face­paint and elec­tric per­for­mance left us curious! ”

“Ancient Whales is a project of love. Enoch Bledsoe and Natalie bring you songs of magical enchantment. Writing, recording, and performing is like sailing the open ocean for this team of musical pirates. Recently returning to the gulf coast from Athens Georgia. During their time in such places Enoch B. and Natalie collaborated with musical groups Puddin’ Tang and Firework Child, performing every where east of the Mississippi. Touring abroad is an aspiration for Ancient Whales with dreams of grandeur in the Americas. You can check out their album by on iTunes”