Ancient Warlocks / Press

"No matter what Ancient Warlocks future plans are, no matter what label releases them, no matter what genre they're classified as, I can only believe it will all be fucking awesome, and I'm excited to see what's next for the band that's steadily flashing on the rock 'n' roll radar."

“Put to press less than a year after the band played its first show in 2010, the Superwizard 7” is the first official outing for Seattle fuzzsome foursome Ancient Warlocks. … Ancient Warlocks keep to the straightforward heavy rock, and when the(y) up the tempo, they don’t lose sight of that ethic. … “Superwizard” is catchier than “Into the Night,” and the single is over before you know it, serving nonetheless as an engaging first offering from the band. … Ancient Warlocks are on the right track in terms of developing a solid stoner rock foundation. …the songwriting is fluid on Superwizard, and that’s probably the most essential aspect of all, … . Planet Earth needs riffs, and if they come with the tube-amped warmth that Ancient Warlocks are providing, all the better. Not complicated, but sometimes that’s just right.”

"Next month, it will be one year since local riffmasters Ancient Warlocks first hit the bar circuit..." "Within that year, the band proved itself worthy of the constant Sabbath comparisons, ..." "While at times their sound skips into the Sword-like territory, the band keeps things straightforward, never straying from the goal of rocking the fuck out."

"Great set, great band, great fun!" "Take my advice and support the Ancient Warlocks... you will not be disappointed! Cheers!"

"...I came across a kick ass band from Seattle, WA. They are the Ancient Warlocks." "They will have a limited edition 7″ out in the spring and are currently in talks with some labels about releasing a full length." "2011 may turn out to be the year o Ancient Warlocks."

“Listed in 'Seattle Rock Guy' Bands to Watch in 2011 "They are heavy as hell, groovy as fuck..." "...they are a breath of fresh air and I can now sleep easier knowing we now have AW shows to look forward to."”

"Ancient Warlocks are fairly new with about a dozen or less shows under their belt. All of them being seasoned musicians, it sounded like they'd been together for decades!" "Great set, great band, great fun!"

"Ancient Warlocks are worth checking out." "A band that only played their first show last month, it appears that Ancient Warlocks have got the stoner rock formula down to a science."

"...together they blend 1975 era Black Sabbath with the hooks and drive of Damaged era Black Flag. Needless to say I was blown away! I wasn't the only one either. Being the opener, when they hit their first chord the floor wasn't looking too good. By the time they hit their second chord... the fists were pumping, the hair was swingin' and the beer was flying! Great set, great band, great fun!"