Ancient VVisdom / Press

“Ancient VVisdom's debut, 'A Godlike Inferno', will surely feature among many a best of 2011 list. Mostly acoustic, dark, and very, very serious, it's one of the most surprisingly affecting albums of the year and you will book your first class ticket to hell just by looking at it.”

“A great way to tone things down without compromising your love for Satan is to put on some Ancient VVisdom. Hailing from Austin, previous members of Integrity and Iron Age have come together to bring us a new take on evil fucking music. If you’re not familiar with last year’s Inner Earth Inferno, then just know that it’s a split release AVV did with Charles Manson. This year they released A Godlike Inferno, which is a unique occult experience from beginning to end. It is heavy as hell, it is definitely metal, and it is evil as fvck. But compared to what you’re used to, it’s a slow, soothing dip in an acid bath. ”