Ancient River / Press

““Hearing Ancient River‘s lush, expansive sound, it’s hard to imagine that it’s just two guys. Starting out as the bedroom brainchild of lead singer James Barreto, the Gainesville duo are getting ready to release their newest album Keeper of the Dawn. Taking cues from contemporaries like Temples and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, new single “This Is The Time” finds the duo in a magical haze. Washed-out drums and fuzz pedals do the trick, but the ringing reverb on Barreto’s rhythm guitar really gives the song shape.””

“THIS WEEK IN POP INTERVIEW "....After The Ohm I locked myself in a room for a couple of years trying to really develop my sound. I played guitar until it felt like another limb and also taught myself some music theory. My goal was to define exactly what I wanted to do artistically and have the ability to do it..." "...We are big David Axelrod fans and I loved the idea of putting the drums up front on some tracks. The album is a dark precursor to those first moments of light at dawn, only what you thought was the early light was merely a dream and you awaken to find yourself in the darkest of night with morning no where in sight. The only one that can save you from this nightmare and guide you to the light is the keeper of the dawn."”

““...Ancient River serves a delightful mind fuck with This Is The Time! Like a bit heavier and dirtier personality of Tame Impala’s eerie fuzziness, this reverb obsessed duo enslaves with its captivating songwriting all the mystical and hazy psychedelics in a startling kaleidoscopic frame!"”

““There are remnants of The Sonics and Monks, but you can also hear traces of bands like 13th Floor Elevators and Silver Apples in its amorphous psych rock wizardry. But the song isn't merely constructed from bits of the bands who so obviously mean a great deal to Barreto and Cordova—it's a collaboration between these inspirations and the band's own sense of restless creativity."”

"Another solid Ancient River track, If you’re going to make psychedelic rock, I feel like you should do it like Ancient River do. They always sound like they’re playing in a smoke-filled room, barely audible among a hushed bunch of cult followers. There’s no bombast or stomp to the sound; it’s just delivered in a steady manner that really allows for the listener to get lost in the emotional appeal of their music. I’m expecting big things based on this new single"

““This Is The Time,” the first single off their soon-to-be released effort, Keeper of the Dawn is a trippy, lo-fi bit of psych rock comprised of guitars played through generous amounts of reverb, crashing cymbals paired with vocals that are deeply buried with a mix that sounds as though it were recorded on dusty analog in a similar fashion to Raccoon Fighter and countless others – but while possessing a cosmic glow that ripples and undulates towards the listener."”

““...my first exposure to the band, who are already veterans of Austin Psych Fest, Liverpool Psych Fest and others — they’ll also appear at Milwaukee Psych Fest and the Reverence Festival this year — but the spaciousness the Gaineville duo offer argues well in its own favor.””

"When you read that an artist was present at the Austin Psych Fest, thoughts can be misleading, perhaps explaining the rebranding as Levitation Fest. Ancient River remind me of how much that sound can influence, yet also expand beyond those boundaries, especially with their new six minute opus. The songs hazy and plodding, quietly building on this barely audible little melody. It’s really something to experience, finding yourself weaving our ears in and out of this tune. You can grab the Keeper of the Dawn on April 14th courtesy of Summer Moon."

““On a nexus where the more introspective moments of early Genesis (think Lamb Lies..) intersects with a re-imagined Spiritualized chasing some lost psych-americana spark, slow-dancing in the desert with an errant gleam of crystal, you’ll find Ancient River””

"There were several times through listens where I had to stop and think, “Are there vocals on this album?” “Are the guitars weaving in a third eye consciousness to their mantra?” “Is this album even dirty in the context that vintage equipment give garage rockers that rawness?” The answer is yes yes, and you might consider Ancient River’s Keeper of the Dawn more dusty than dirty. You see, they blend everything together so well, you begin to loose track (the true essence of psych rock is to lose yourself in the moment of the music, right?) of reality and the momentum of the album becomes one with the album itself."