Ancient Ascendant / Press

“...The Grim Awakening is packed with quality riffs and clever songwriting flying past in a flash of jazzy guitar work and double bass kick drums... The result feels like watching terrible devastation unfold while still feeling the heat..."”

Metal Hammer (7/10)

"...Technically, these guys are as tight as a camel's bum hole in a sand storm... If this is your first encounter with Ancient Ascendant, then you should be quite impressed with what they have given us on this one."

Powerplay Magazine (7/10)

"...It's pleasing to hear a young band steadfastly looking to play the sort of music they clearly love to the best of their unarguably big ability and damn the torpedoes. Nice one."

"...If you like your death metal interesting and varied, yet heavy and crushing, then you should check out this album..."

"...If you're on the look out for a neck-snapper with only touches of prog, then this is it. A fine debut for the UK DM scene to dissect."

"...The Grim Awakening is one hell of a release from a band that should be well on their way to being household names, and my advice to you is buy two copies - one for yourself and one to sell on in 40 years time when these guys are massive."

"...For those that are looking for a heavy, pounding death metal band with something more to offer, I can't recommend this album enough."

"...In the immortal words of Danny Dyer 'You really know how to make a man moist'. This is a steamroller of death metal and the album has been crafted to the highest quality in all aspects..."

"...A debut laden with promise and invention, The Heathen Throne takes in skull rattling dark thrash, pummelling mid-paced doom and even some jagged, staccato grooves that reek of the early 90s... a very British sounding slab of dark metal that points towards a very bright and fruitful future for all concerned..."

Metal Hammer

"...Sparking memories of early In Flames one minute, Entombed and Dismember the next… The gloriously murky graveyard scene on the cover is as evocative and professional as the impeccable song writing, all of which commands you to bow your head in reverence to the future of English death metal..."

Zero Tolerance Magazine (5.5/6)

““..The solid tempo and pace created an old school death metal feel whilst injecting some new ideas. From Reading, formed in 2005, not so Ancient but definitely Ascendant.””

Karl Willetts (Vocalist of Bolt Thrower)

““The Juggernaut that is Ancient Ascendant come at you like a bastard child which is the result of an orgy between, Opeth, Entombed & Grand Magus. Ones to watch!"”

Conor Droney (Candlelight Records Digital Manager and A&R)

““You could probably throw all the standard "brutal," "face melting," adjectives at this band and not run out. They all apply. Beatdown death metal vocals, riff-heavy guitars, and earabusing drums.””

Jeremy Rosen (Director of Digital Platforms & Web Sites for Roadrunner Records)

"...So, do I rate “Ancient Ascendant”? They’re not bad. OK, actually they are amazing. Technical precision and perfection simply oozing with every note of this incredible release. If I say that it’s a superb debut album, that doesn’t do it justice. This would be a superb album, whoever released it..."

Live 4 Metal

““…This is an incredible mix of styles, and Ancient Ascendant know it… If you love your metal, then this is a band you NEED to hear before another day passes…””

UK Metal Underground