Anchorage / Press

"Some may be familiar with the old version of Anchorage, the hardcore/metal outfit that has graced Greeley and all of northern Colorado with their sounds for over four years...(but) they’ve taken a big step in a new direction with the late January ten-song release, Patience. The new style of Anchorage is almost reminiscent of an early Circa Survive, where the haunting vocals compliment the distant feeling that the droning guitars give in the background...The choruses on this disc are catchier and more memorable, the vocals are more dynamic, and the arrangement is nearly perfect. If this new full-length disc catches the same amount of attention that they were getting with their others, they’ll be en route to the top of indie and metal fans’ to-see lists for 2013.

"Although it seems that the local music scene for heavy music genres is greatly diminished, alternative-hardcore band Anchorage is packing some serious heat with their new release titled 'Truth in Adversity.' This much anticipated release dropped on the iTunes market November 18th and is spreading like wildfire. After scoring an incredible 8.3 out of 10 from puregrainaudio.com and getting rave reviews from metalinsider.net, this disc has more than enough credentials to assure a great future for Anchorage...."

“Truth In Adversity is the newest release from the Denver based hardcore/ambient band, Anchorage. This is an interesting disc that successfully combines a unique blending of ambient electronic music with hardcore and even a bit of deathcore. For example the track "The Bounding Main" starts off in the hardcore genre and then progressively gets heavier until it becomes a full on deathcore pounding, that incidentally is my favorite track on the disc. I'm not a great big fan of the ambient breaks on the disc because I feel that they break up the flow of the album overall. I found myself halfway through the disc, seriously raging, when it all came to a screeching halt on, "The Outer Rim." This is only a minor complaint though, because I really think this is a fantastic record that hopefully will place these guys on many radars and get them some notice. Check this release out, it's short but, really good!”