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"Opening the Helmet/Toadies show was a band to watch, Anchorage, Nebraska, from Rochester (I know, it’s confusing). Anchorage is bringing back grunge’s disenfranchised sound and stance to clubs here in town. It’s way raunchy and cool." Frank deblase

“Anchorage Nebraska doesn't seem to care that grunge music is dead. And as good as the Rochester band sounds, neither should you. Every song in Anchorage's catalogue plays like a tribute to its grunge influences. The methodical guitars and distorted noise of "Don't Mind" combine elements of Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth. On "Who Loves the Sun," singer Dusty West's voice howls like a more polished version of Kurt Cobain from Nirvana's Unplugged performance. And on the blunt "Anthem," Anchorage embodies the true spirit of grunge, belting out "Well, Anchorage Nebraska doesn't give a shit. We don't give a shit." Unlike post-grunge acts such as Shinedown and Nickelback, which have taken aspects of grunge and worked them into what amounts to generic (and annoying) cock rock, Anchorage Nebraska is for grunge purists. The band makes songs without concern for generating mainstream success, which makes them all the more appealing.”

“I’ll say one thing about Anchorage Nebraska frontman Dusty West: He has perfected the rock howl to an extent that even Alan Ginsberg would approve. West howled and growled his way through a gritty set of rock tunes last Saturday at Hudson River Coffee House, where Anchorage Nebraska played with art-rockers Severe Severe. True to grunge form, Anchorage Nebraska pulls off an "I care so much that I don't care" performance, while West fronts the band from behind an eye-covering fringe of unkempt bangs. From the moment the first incredibly loud distorted-to-the-root chord hits, these guys are amped up and absorbing the room's energy, ready to take it all on. Theirs is an approachable hostility, though, one that motivates West to continually interact with the audience. There are no shredding solos, but you get plenty raw rock riffs accompanied by perfectly spasmodic vocals. Singin' and screamin', West's vocal versatility shows commitment to grunge and punk traditions. ”

“You can flap your yap about punk's chaos, emo's ethos, and grunge's dirge all you want. But without the right attitude, or any attitude at all for that matter, it all falls short. Anchorage Nebraska - a grunge-centric band from our dirty little city along the mighty Genesee - has an attitude. But what is really striking about this band is the nihilism and self-deprecation brewing within its raucous rock 'n' roll. There's a genuine recklessness and hopelessness about it. The band rocks on pissed off, and it sounds great.”

“Local band Anchorage, Nebraska is a focused tantrum. A wild electricity leaks and threatens to dominate the group's grungy focus. This is what keeps it interesting, and what kept the show interesting last Thursday night at the Bug Jar, as Anchorage tore its way through a short set on a shared triple bill with Heavy Cream and JEFF The Brotherhood. Tonally, Anchorage is sharp and bright with a lyrically impish streak and muscular threat lurking just bellow the surface, a la Mudhoney. It's too detailed and stylized to be branded punk, too frenetic to be called simply rock 'n' roll”

"You guys freaking bottled 90's! Sooooo good!"

"oh, and I'm adding your tracks to WBNY's normal rotation this weekend to get played regularly for the next 8 weeks! They sound awesome!! Thanks man!" Greg Burt 91.3 FM WBNY buffalo radio

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“Congratulations! You have been selected to perform at the IMC Indoor Indie Music Fest! Congratulations! You have been selected to perform on stage at the Indie Music Channel Indoor Indie Music Fest at Mall of America!”

“Anchorage Nebraska, The promoter Dirt Fest has not accepted your submission for the campaign Dirt Fest 2012. Thank you for submitting to Dirt Fest 2012. After careful review the artist you have submitted has not been accepted to perform at this year's event. However, we do encourage you to submit to next year's event as well as any other Dalton Bros production. Thank You, -Team Dirt Fest ”

“Anchorage Nebraska, The promoter 208 Tat2Fest has not accepted your submission for the campaign 208 Tat2Fest. Thanks for your interest in performing at this year's 208 Tat2Fest. After reviewing all of the bands, we chose ReverbNation artist The Fallen Idols ( reverbnation.com/thefallenidols ) to perform at the festival. We thank you again for your participation and hope that you will submit to other future opportunities that we provide! Sincerely, 208 Tat2Fest ”

“Anchorage Nebraska, The promoter IMR Magazine has not accepted your submission for the campaign IMR Magazine - "Indie Acoustic" issue. We regret to inform you that we have decided not to accept your submission at this time. We thank your for your time. - Thanks for your participation, IMR Magazine - "Indie Acoustic" issue”

“Anchorage Nebraska, The promoter Gee Davey Productions has not accepted your submission for the campaign NUTUYU 3. As artists ourselves, we appreciate the efforts that go into building a band and submitting it for opportunities... and even though rejection can often mean many things, in this case, it really comes down to the fact that we had 3-4 slots for the 600 submissions we received. This talent pool encourages us to do more NUTUYU events, even bigger and better in the future, so definitely keep in touch, and let's keep working to get all of our music out there. Thank you for submitting. We regret to inform you that we have decided not to accept your submission at this time. We thank your for your time. - Thanks for your participation, NUTUYU 3”

" Anchorage Nebraska, The promoter The Edg3 Fest has not accepted your submission for the campaign The Edg3 Fest. We regret to inform you that we have decided not to accept your submission at this time. We thank your for your time. - Thanks for your participation, The Edg3 Fest"

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“Anchorage Nebraska, The promoter Fender Music Foundation has not accepted your submission for the campaign Perform on StageIt for the Fender Music Foundation. Thank you so much for your interest in the Fender Music Foundation Reverb Nation contest. While you have not been chosen as one of the top 10, you can still gain enormous exposure for your band by helping to support this event. ”

“I'm sorry, you're submission has not been accepted for this event. We were just not able to include everyone. Thank you for your submission, and your time. Thanks, Tim - ComeUnityNow Festival”

“Indie Art by the Sea 2010 Thanks for providing us with a submission. After reviewing your EPK, we've decided to pass for now. We do, however, appreciate your interest and taking the time to check us out”

“‎"Hey dustyn, Your anchorage, nebraska’s submission to Next Big Thing In Metal has been updated to Not Selected." ”

"GYM CALSS HEROES, EVERY TIME I DIE, BRUTAL TRUTH, PSYOPUS, your recordings dont hold a candle to any of those bands. Truth hurts!" -Terry Coughlin - President, DJQ MANAGEMENT

“ Dear Anchorage Nebraska, This message is to let you know that your song "dont mind" has not been accepted into the Premium Song Licensing Program. This means that the song has been reviewed by a panel of licensing experts, and they do not feel that the song is appropriate for commercial licensing at this time. This is the editorial opinion of one group of reviewers regarding the song's potential for commercial licensing, and it is not an indication of the quality of the song. Again, this message is only with regards to the song "dont mind". If you have submitted other songs to the Premium Song Licensing Program, you will receive separate notices for each individual song. Thank you for participating in this unique program, and we hope to bring you more opportunities like this in the near future. - RN Staff ”