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"Kicking it into high gear, Ancestree from Santa Cruz popped the roof off and flooded the dance floor and the dinning area with dancers all the way back to the kitchen!! Their reggae style high energy music was jaw dropping. There was now a mix of younger and older community members at the event, and they were dancing together...absolutely amazing to see, heart warming to watch, and unbelievable to be a part of. The house was getting down, jumping and dancing to the music. We knew at this point that this night would not be forgotten. Ancestree had such a positive vibe, all of them smiling on stage, giving big ups to the 831 and the Big Sur area...they had the place jamming. I have never met such nice band members in my life. They were thanking us for letting them play. We couldn't tell them enough how blessed WE were to have them here. Absolutely amazing people, amazing vibe and sound, and amazing set on stage... we were in awe.

“Channeling Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Santa Cruz’s own Ancestree spreads the message of spiritual healing and equal rights through its reggae music. The nine-member band knows exactly how to get listeners on the dance floor, too: with a spicy blend of roots, rock, funk, dub, soul and infectious grooves. Inspired by the vocal trios of 1970s Jamaica, Ancestree features three vocalists—two males and one female—who captivate with seamless harmonies, backed by two guitars, two saxophones, organ, Latin percussion, bass and drums. The result? A multilayered, feel-good soundtrack to summer.”

“A six piece reggae orchestra, Ancestree‘s style meshes bohemian countryman (and woman) with global revolutionary. Adding style and finesse to lyrics of social justice and environmentalism is their savvy female saxophonist, Alia Fintz. Songs like “The Roots of David” and “Monzanto” should be staples of our conflicted society.”

“Sits inception three years ago, Ancestree has not only become a favorite in the local reggae scene, but also a Santa Cruz icon. Stickers bearing the band’s name can be found throughout town—from telephone poles, to cars, to bar stools, to bathroom stalls—and their signature yellow school bus makes them hard to miss. The brainchild of vocalist/lead guitarist Tom Maimon and vocalist/guitarist Tomas Gomez—“We are like two wings of the same bird,” says Maimon—Ancestree has been on three tours in support of three albums in its short history. At the heart of the band’s music is the reggae tradition of spirtual guidance and learned consciousness.”

“An evening with ANCESTREE is an evening of conscious hip shaking earth quaking FUN! Lead by three part vocal harmonies by Tomas Gomez, Alia Fintz and Tom Maimon and featuring BASS from Apple Hill native Christopher Carr, you can tell ANCESTREE loves Bob Marley and Sub-Comandante Marcos. An inspiring 8-piece ensemble!”

“Rock bands have been mixing elements of reggae and rock steady into their music for decades now. Ancestree on the other hand are a reggae/rock steady band that mixes just a dash of rock and roll into their songs in much the same manner, and without losing the basic groove that defines them as reggae. Their cool soulful group vocals are a nice, gentle way to deliver their political messages of justice, peace and unity. They hope that you will enjoy their music and come away from their concert full of positive vibes. It's hard not to feel good after listening to reggae.”

“Ancestree, formed in early 2010 is determined to deliver the Highest Quality Live Reggae music with a NICE blend of harmonious vocals, BASS and DRUM, Guitars, Horns, Keys and Percussion. With pure positive vibrations and Rasta Rebel Lyric, ANCESTREE is carrying on the musical tradition of REGGAE, "teach the youths dem culture!" Ancestree’s roots are here in Santa Cruz.”

“From genetically modified seeds in the song Monzanto to discriminatory laws in Tears, the band continues to deliver the news in beautiful three-part harmonies, continuing their commitment to non-violent, social change through music.”

"Roots reggae band Ancestree blends vocals, guitars, keyboards and a big bass-and-drum rhythm section for a sound inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd and Bob Marley."

“Enjoy authentic Jamaican cuisine, arts & crafts, children’s activities, live music from featured DJs and artists like T-Rosemund and The Italsouls, Ancestree and Irae Divine, or just spend the day sampling island-inspired cuisine and getting your “passport” stamped to enter into a raffle for free concert tickets and gift certificates.”

“At San Franiciso’s very first all ages Reggae Festival at the Filmore Plaza, August 27th, 2011, I fell in love with a humble reggae band from Santa Cruz, California. Their songs captivate me with the soulful melody, instrumental details and universal, empowering, spiritual lyrics. I very much appreciate the strong, lyrics in Spanish. I was fortunate enough to meet the rhythm guitarist/ vocalist, Tomas Gomez. His aura is golden. I’m so inspired when one’s life’s work is to build community and share the power of love in humanity. Ancestree provides powerful music full of passion and purpose that is for and by the people. To listen to songs, shows, and learn more about Ancestree visit their website: http://ancestreereggae.com/”