Anarchangel / Press

“Ever since I joined Sonic Cathedral 4 years ago, I’ve enjoyed digging around my local metal scene (Boston, Massachusetts) for bands to share with our readers. So far, I’ve covered three female-fronted bands (Era For A Moment, Avariel, and Evince Ethos) from my home state. Now, it’s time for Anarchangel. This 3-year-old quintet from Boston creates a brand of melodic metal flavored by all kinds of influences and subgenres, and led by four – yes, four – different vocalists. Anarchangel’s music is so diverse that it’s impossible to compare them to other bands (especially female-fronted ones) without second-guessing the comparisons. But, that’s part of the fun of Without Armor, Anarchangel’s debut EP…. Their music’s uniqueness and astonishing homogeneity despite the myriad influences make it one of the most colorful releases I’ve come across all year. And, that homogeneity is what amazes me the most about Anarchangel’s music.”