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““Charlotte locals, Analog Daze, have a classic fun sound that make you want to go to your nearest venue and kick back with a bunch of friends, swig a beer and slap your knees on a Friday night. The night that turns into a Sunday afternoon and you still cannot find your pants. Listen, love, and go support them.” Dianna Augustine, Shutter 16 Magazine”

“This weeks record in review is Analog Daze, Throwback Anthems. This by far one of the best Rock and Roll records to ever come out of Charlotte NC. Every song is great and very heart felt. Very intelligent lyrics. The vocals are soulful with an edge. The instrumentation is amazing. Very tight sound. Producer Eric Lovell at The Blue Bubble Studio has outdone himself again. This is a real Rock and Roll Record! A must have. The only downside is I want to hear more. Keep it coming Analog Daze and thanks for a put it in and hit play record.”

Kevin Marshall - Smiling Moon Guitars

“LIVE MUSIC COMING TO FREEMAN’S PUB THIS WEEKEND, NEXT WEEK Where: Freeman’s Pub, 173 W. Main St., Gastonia. What: Analog Daze performance. When: 9 p.m. Saturday. Details: The Charlotte band Analog Daze makes its Freeman’s Pub debut this weekend. Their musical style is reminiscent of ’80s underground outfits like True West, Green on Red and the Replacements mixed with modern day counterparts The Black Crowes, Dawes and Albert Cross. Band members are Sean Carrouth (lead vocals, guitar), Craig Hanks (guitar, vocals), John Christenbury (bass, vocals) and Tom Thomas (drums, percussion). Special guest will be Grey Revell .”

“Analog Daze - Self-described as "jangledelic" this Charlotte four-piece lets the Rickenbacker ring while raising a considerable Racket. But Analog Daze's brand of jangle is less British invasion, and more the dusty psychedelia of '80's paisley underground outfits like True West and Green on Red... Guitarist Craig Hanks' fretwork come straight outta The Dream Syndicate's "medicine Show" But the Daze is also grounded in the acid punk-gone-country ethos of The Meat Puppets... While Sean Carrouth's full-thorated ramshackle vocals summon up the Replacements on a five-day bender Come for the keening harmonies and the scorched earth twin guitars that sick to your ribs, but stay for the solid songwriting that borrows into your brain”

Pat Moran - Creative Loafing - Sound Menu - CL Picks

“Wow...Just Wow... you guys are hitting it on all cylinders! Songs are tight and the songwriting reminds me of Roger Waters fronting Led Zeppelin. You Guys bring the rock for sure.....”

Andy Woods - The Blackhounds - Andy Woods