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Amy Schugar / Press

“Fun interview conducted by Ross Mir FabricationsHQ Thank you for the interview Ross!”

“New Print Magazine for February, Rock Thiz Magazine Website http://www.rock-thiz-magazine.com/”

" Thank you so much for kindly sending your mp3 files over. I will be playing Love and Danger on our New and Unsigned Music Show tomorrow (Wednesday) between 8-10pm BST. People can listen via www.krystalradio.net or www.mixlr.com/krystalradio --

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“ Amy has two instruments....one has six strings and the other pulls at your heart strings . her voice Amy has a sound that certainly defines her apart from any other musician...especially in the female category. She's not Heart, she's not Janis, she's not Alanis, and she is not Sheryl..at least not individually. Amy's guitar playing has a distinctive 80's sound but yet Amy keeps it fresh and doesn't need any gimmicks to play that clean sound she gets out of her guitar. Listen to "No Name In Memory Of . If you listen real close you can catch elements of Jimi's "Electric Ladyland" sound, in particular the mesmerizing "1983..( A Mermaid I Should Turn to Be )". Amy rocks...and she has a passion that is unbridled when it comes to performing...she also hangs around some classic guitar players as well...Amy has an album with Michael Schenker called "Under Construction"..I hope they get another chance to complete the building they started! ”

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“ Amy, Your voice is up there with the Greats. You have a VERY powerful tone/timbre that is so recognizable that when one hears a few bars they won't forget it. ”

The Team - Fan Reviews

“ John Bond Here from" Artist Of Morning Drive Records"John R Bond You are wanting a Discription of your fantastic Sounds and Your great vocal sounds there is know mistake of your ROCK sound and your Vocal you have a wide range of strength to so much more than you have even played or attempted to . There is not enough hours of studio time to even record what i consider the amount of tallent in so many styles of music i would like for you to be involved in . However the SCHUGAR SCHENKER ALBUM ROCKS YOUR VOICE SHAKES THE WORLD WITH EMOTION . Best of luck to you John R Bond 614-406-9650 office . Artist Of Morning Drive Records" ”

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“show details Jul 5 Hey Amy, I love this CD, and one of the reasons, for me, is because you cant really say " she sounds like so and so ", you have a very unique voice. I would say a little Johnette Napolitano, or even a female Jim Morrison. Patty Smith comes to mind. The sound is just straight forward rock and roll, thats what I would call it, maybe a return to ass kicking rock, blues based garage makes me want to grab a beer and I dont even drink sound. One of my favorites. ”

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“ Hi Amy, The Schugar Schenker project is an endearing melange of quasi-Metal Schenker wanker guitar leads (or is that you, Amy?) incorporating elements of swampy Southern rock, topped with snarly, smarmy, snarky blues-rock chick vocals. It evokes an aural fantasy of Lynyrd Skynyrd having a deep, meaningful orgy with Fleetwood Mac! ”

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“ First, I would describe your record as a Rock record. It's not a metal album nor it is some lame "Adult Contemporary" album (aka soft rock) and it certainly isn't some over hyped "Modern Rock" nonsense. It's a rock album, plain and simple. So there's your genre... It reminds me of rock music from the 70's and 80 where technical ability mattered as much as song structure and both of those elements are featured very prominently on your record. And if you want to push the Schenker angle, remind people that he helped UFO become one of the more technically solid acts of their time, and it shows why on your record. And finally, your voice, to me anyway, is unique ( meaning you sound like Amy and no one else), very bluesy and you delivered the lyrics with the angst of a tortured angel. Jim ”

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“ Besides being drop dead gorgeous Amy Schugar is an extremely talented singer-songwriter-guitarist. Her voice is filled with emotion & ballsy, her guitar work is techniquically fluid & soulful, coupled with some finely crafted songwriting. She's a gem !!! Greg Bowman ”

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“Schugar-Schenker: 07/17/11 This is Amy Schugar, on a collaboration with the legendary Michael Schenker (under the moniker Schugar/Schenker). The 2003 effort is titled Under Construction, with Schenker's unmistakable axe work and Amy's vocals cutting to the bone; this is "Back Through the Window"...”

"Amy Schugar Pens Track"

"Amy Schugar Pens Track"

“RADIO PLAY FOR DRIVE ME Hey Amy, Next show of Indies in Motion, Monday May 9 I will play your song "Drive Me" Live at 1pm PST on Ch2 on www.latalkradio.com For easy 24/7 access to this show will be archived on Tue and on iTunes by Thurs all show info on www.indiesinmotion.com Enjoy the show and spread the word Rick”

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"Amy Schugar Pens Track"

“BlabberMouth Magazine Online”

“Jango Internet Radio”

“Hello Amy, I got your mail. I will put you on the playlist for upcoming Friday 24.00 (CET) You can watch the live show at http://www.livestream.com/gagaelektrix and we will play the music in a 24/7 rotation for one week. Greets, Willem Gerards, Station Manager GETV ”

“Love And Danger Radio Play Tonight! Thank you Brad! www.hardrockradiolive.com”


“Jango Invite!”

“Floyd Rose Artist- I love Floyd Rose and am a fan of the block and Tremolo System! Thank you Floyd Rose for your support and for having me on your Artist page- an honor indeed! http://www.floydrose.com/artists/index.php”

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“We have been #1 On Local Level For California Charts here at the REVERBNATION site! Thank you to the Reverbnation Fans!”

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“New LA Radio Play Hi Amy, On Monday Feb 21 I will play your song "Victim of the System" Live at 1pm PST on Ch2 of www.latalkradio.com Can't tune in live... no worries. All shows are archived by Tues for easy 24/7 listening and downloading and on iTunes by Wed... all FREE Show info with direct links at: www.indiesinmotion.com Be sure to spread the word through your social and fan based networks. ”

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“Early interview”

“The Amy Schugar/Schenker project…./>MS – That’s absolutely fun. I met Amy at a concert. I saw her next to the stage with a guitar and she was singing. She had this really interesting voice. I started writing a song for her. She did something to it and it was really good. I wrote some more and I realized we had a really good chemistry. It developed and then we came to the point of going into the studio and putting it together. Everybody on my brother’s side loved it. Everybody he played it to/for was absolutely amazed by it. They said “It sounds so good.” It’s kind of an in between thing right now. We’re kind of approaching it in two different situations. One is that a record company may get interested in it and want to take it to the next level. Or two, it is just what it is and it stays there. She plays really good guitar. She’s an excellent singer. She’s an absolutely incredible songwriter. I really love the way she writes the melodies. I’m happy to give he”

“I just really love our planet and am so concerned with the path that humanity is taking not using alternative fuels and so forth. The idea Brazil is working on the 3rd largest Dam is awful as it will kill off so much rain forest.. ”

“Obliveon - Metal Und Goth Webzine”

“Schugar Schenker In Tower Records Of Japan”

“Listen To It! Just Click On Player In the URL Given! Liz Randolph is the Interviewer. ”

“ -Amy Schugar. -I am not sure. It could have been my first Kiss Record. And Rob Halford’s voice inspires anyone. -It depends on the situation. For ‘circus’ type of acts, it is a showstopper. For keeping and gaining respect, working with other guys and not coming off as a bitch to them and keeping them in line, that part can be tricky. You have your A and your B for the whole thing. -It can be. However in my case, I refuse to show too much skin and make it about the sex aspect, so holding the attention must be because of the music or what the song says lyrically. -Not that I can think of. -I recognize the half humor in the question! Being a car buff person myself, I do not know how to answer.”