Amy Obenski / Press

“Amy Oben­ski will cap­ture your heart and her songs will leave you with a warm glow. “Grow To Catch the Wind” has rarely been away from my in-car CD player since I received my copy of the album.”

David Durant - Brooklands Radio

"…Intimate and emotive original tunes oscillate between the confessional and the acutely observational."

Good Times Santa Cruz

“Amy Obenski is the sort of artist who deserves to achieve big things, and with any luck she'll do just that and ride the wave of the female singer/songwriter genre in its post-Feist-iPod resurgence... it is likely that her new release From the Deep will continue her rise to stardom.”

Silicon Valley Metro

“...Jazz-steeped compositions, which move from haunting to soothing in one intuitive swoop.... Obenski’s honey-flowing tunes possess incredible depth and a natural grace.”

Performer Magazine