Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters / Press

"When it comes to Bluegrass, this is what tomorrow sounds like."

“I highly recommend Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters to any venue owner, concert or festival promoter; and to any music fan who enjoys a top-quality concert experience. In my humble opinion, Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters rate right up there with the best of the best. Amy has a wonderfully expressive voice, a lively stage presence, and the band is absolutely first-rate. Resophonic guitarist Roger Williams is a master of his instrument, and his son, JD Williams, plays mandolin as well as any of the young firebrand musicians now attracting national attention.”

Larry Hoyt, host of WAER-FM's 'Common Threads', Syracuse, NY

“One of the great country duets; just as perfect together as Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, the Louvin Brothers, George and Tammy; an absolute delight to hear.”

Joseph Wills, Radio Host, WBZC Pemberton, NJ

“Amy’s voice hits you like a refreshing warm breeze, her perfect diction and crystal clear tone seemingly effortless and at the same time passionate. Her unique voice is as warm as her personality, and perfectly suited to bluegrass, country, as well as any style she cares to sing.”

Angie Boothroyd - British Bluegrass News

“Amy Gallatin and Stillwaters are one of the top acts that seamlessly blend country music and bluegrass into an acoustic style that is refreshing and entertaining.”

Maverick Magazine, UK

"In times of expensive light shows and over-produced videos...Amy has tried to recapture the roots, to return to the simple yet endearing sounds of traditional country music."

Hartford Courant

“Their mix of folk, western swing, Bluegrass and country sounds has made them popular with festival directors who have an ear for tight musicianship and a desire to add an eclectic musical unit to the line-up of usual suspects.”

“Performing in one of the many showcase suites was Amy Gallatin, who unleashed her pure, silvery voice on music that ranged from bluegrass through western swing and contemporary folk, nailing each style with precision, taste and charismatic humor, and displayed a rare ability to move from sweetness to sassy grit, sometimes within a single phrase.”

"Gallatin's voice is obviously well-trained, lending an effortless purity to her delivery of each song. That, combined with the instrumental wizardry allows the collective sound of Stillwaters to be exceptionally smooth and polished."

Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

“Gallatin’s and Williams’ voices make for fantastic bittersweet harmonies.”

Dan Barry - Hartford Advocate

“Where "Phoenix" is the sort of spirited bluegrass that might be heard on stage at any of the hundreds of festivals across the country, "Something ‘Bout You" is more like what you’d hear if you slipped out the back door of the Ryman Auditorium to Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, or any of the other smoky joints along Nashville’s Broadway.”

John Lupton - Sing Out Magazine

“While Gallatin's strength is in the bright, upbeat numbers, Stillwaters shimmers throughout the dozen-song collection, its chemistry evident as they slip forward into solos or pull back to join an undercurrent.”

"I cannot remember the last time I was this awed with a singer, the supporting cast and the instrumental accompaniment. Absolutely a voice as unique as that of Alison Kraus. Amy is distinctive in her styling. Yes, she performs pop, western swing, etc. but in any style her voice is captivating and she can flat lay out a bluegrass number as well as any female voice you have ever heard, bar none!!!

Howard Bonner, radio host, Ontario, Canada

"Sometimes it's easy to overlook talent right under your nose. Take Amy Gallatin, the transplanted Westerner who brings a truth and a yearning to her voice that translates into real country traditionalism."

Roger Catlin - Hartford Courant