Amy Barbera / Press

“A beautiful soul and just an all around talented artist. Amy Barbera is bringing light to a world that could definitely benefit from having someone like her spreading love and her gift of song. Her talents aren’t just hers,she chooses to use them to be a light to everyone else.”

“I have heard the talents of Amy Barbera a few months ago when she sent in a couple of tracks for possible inclusion on our playlists here on One World Music Radio, I was so impressed I asked her to send in the whole "Breath of Angels" album when finished. We are now at that point, the album is with us and the pitch perfect voice of Amy Barbera must surely take our world 100 charts by storm with this release called Breath of Angels.”

“Your songs are bound for glory and will absolutely go on our next playlist... totally blown away. Awesome music! I will be totally honest, I have heard some good music over the years, I have heard some very good music over the years, but your music is OUTSTANDING! We both Listened spell bound, you have a stunning voice, both powerful and sensitive, we're both singers ourselves so can really appreciate what you have done here AMAZING!!!! I can only see this powering up our chart, I can already see this as a major contender for Best Vocal album on next years awards. once again STUNNING, I am truly moved by your music and we look forward to work with you to promote your new album in the summer and take this to a global network!”

Steve & Chrissie - One World Music, United Kingdom

“I am writing this on behalf of inspirational singer/songwriter, Amy Barbera. I have been in the multi-media field for over 3 decades and have had the opportunity to interview many artists during that period, but never any as unique as Amy Barbera. Amy's passion for music, life, and God are a true inspiration to others. Her songs are beautifully written and executed; her interaction with fans is better than I've seen with any artist, and she's versatile and open minded in recording music of different genres. Amy is a breathe of fresh air in an industry cluttered with ungrateful self-centered artists who have no idea on how to interact with fans and other industry professionals. I will continue to play Amy's music on our program and look forward to our next interview scheduled for this summer 2014.”

Christopher Kalt, Owner/Producer Cut N' Dry Talent Radio & TV CLK Video Producti

"Amy I just listened to your music on Muzooka and you're a talented singer/songwriter. Disney needs your music ASAP!"

Sahpreem A. King-Multi-Platinum Music Producer/Music Industry Author & Expert

“Amy you are now moments away for stardom...you dwell in that land already and have been there for some time now. Because you possess such a pure heart, and it is so present in your beautiful sound...we hear it and are moved. You are indeed blessed.”

Norma Mendoza-Vocal & Life Coach

“Amy I want to thank you for your songs... as our audience response was so positive to it, making you our Number #1 pick of the 2013 top songs in our digital domain. Amy you are beyond creative and a gift from God above us all. It's a great pleasure to be just a small part of your ever growing legacy, and to know you and program your songs year after year that you have written with quality and great foresight of the future. I will continue to give you and your music total support.”

Kenneth H Smith-SDC Radio Networks/OmniMedia Group/KDTN Radio One

“Amy I appreciate all your kindness and support. You are a great example of how an "Artists In Music Awards" Nominee should act. You are not only grateful, but you go out and make things happen for yourself. Thank you Amy. God bless and good luck to you and your career.”

Mikey Jayy- Artists In Music Awards Founder

"Love your music, just listened to your songs & they are truly beautiful & anointed!! You remind me of a God-centered, holy, sweeter, fresher version of Enya!"

Film Producer/Actress Alyse Nicole Merritt from "Tender Shoot Films"

“Amy.....I have so many good things to say, but the big one is IMPRESSED! You are truly inspiring, brave and talented. Your voice is gorgeous and it's so refreshing to hear music that has a pure message."”

Patricia-Editor of "Beutiful Magazine" www.beutifulmagazine.com

"Amy every now and again I need singers and writers and I will be sure to keep you in mind if something were to come up. I congratulate you and salute you on your work in progress for your second album. I understand how much passion, discipline and effort that takes. It's not many who get that. Congrats on your most recent nomination for best singer/songwriter. Very happy for you! I will make sure to check out your clips and interviews. Again congrats for just keeping on pressing forward."

Tony Mardini, Award Winning Music Industry Producer/Audio Engineer

"You are an incredibly gifted performer Amy, and I know you'll reach the heights"

Betty Dravis-Best Selling Author/Celebrity Interviewer

"You're very talented and your heart shows with every note you sing. Enjoy the journey you're on, Amy!"..."Your music arrived! Thank you Amy. The CD is amazing, just beautiful, I love it! And thank you for such a supportive note! xo"

Leeza Gibbons-TV/Radio Host, Former "Entertainment Tonight" Host

"If Amy Barbera's music doesn't go far there is no justice in this world."

Chris Edwards, Owner & DJ of "Tramp Radio" United Kingdom

"Amy your spirituality can't surpass your beauty because they are both shining in the spotlight. Don't ever change Amy. You are a living example of an "angel" in human clothing and I love you."

Barbara Brighton, Producer & Host of the "Barbara Brighton Show"

“Amy Barbera WE love you, the crowd loved you & GOD is SMILING.....HUGE!!!!!!!!!"”

Kimberly West, about Amy's performance at "Vision Quest 2012"

"Dear Amy may your beautiful spirit continue to soar like a butterfly with richest blessings and love."

Ernest D. Chu, Author of the book "Soul Currency"

"Amy is an unbelievably talented inspirational singer."

Eric Gordon, South Florida Alerts

"We truly believe Amy is an angel sent from above. Her music will truly inspire you and your loved ones for years to come"

"Amy is a women on a mission. She has a talent for making music and rainbows."

"Amy's purpose in life is in alignment with the purpose of existence itself. With her quality of voice singing her own inspirational songs, it is just a matter of time before she is known the world over"

"Amy Barbera has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. The passionate delivery of her vocals are combined with uplifting lyrics, a winning combination. Musically the songs are radio friendly and the arrangements are that of a polished songwriter. You will be embraced by the angels in heaven when you listen to this Christian performer."

Don Coleman - "BOOM Magazine" Canada

“Singer/songwriter Amy Barbera sings with a purpose. A professionally trained session vocalist, Barbera has the voice of someone who knows exactly how to use it- literarily and figuratively. In her debut album, Beautiful Flower of Life, we are treated to an array of exquisitely written and composed inspirational songs. “I am truly inspired by God above,” says Barbera. That along with her own life experiences inspired her to write songs that, “ . . . make a difference in the world." ”