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"The Jean Seberg International Film Festival is rolling out the red carpet, pointing the searchlight to the heavens, and opening the IVCC Orpheum Theater Center doors to premiere party guests on Friday evening, November 15 at 6:30 p.m. in Jean Seberg's hometown of Marshalltown, Iowa. The premiere party will feature a special concert by popular musicians Amy and Mark Adams-Westin of Amy & Adams, ... in the Black Box Theater. Amy & Adams music and Mark Adams-Westin are featured in thew stunning new film MOVIE STAR: The Secret Lives Of Jean Seberg.

“If harmony done outstandingly is any criteria for the making of a hit record, then this is a hit record... This album is as fresh and entertaining as folk music has ever been.”

Robert Bartosh - Roots Music Report

“CD Spotlight: Amy and Adams (with Jim and Mary) - Must Be Dreamin' You can't help but like Amy and Adams. These two make you smile. Their music and interaction with the audience engage the listener effectively with warmth and sincerity. On their latest release, "Must Be Dreamin' " the songs run the gamut of the human experience...disappointment ("Rejected Again"), optimism ("There's A Road") and gentle humor ("Spider In My Guitar"). Amy and Adams are joined on this CD by Jim Finders (bass, vocals) and Mary Adams (vocals, harmonica). Nice harmonies and lovely acoustic work throughout. ”

Wendy Vickers - Wendy Vickers LOCAL BLEND

“Loving couples making beautiful music together have always been a joy for me to watch and to listen to. Cases in point; Robert and Lori of Devotion, Armand and Angelina, Dan and Erin of Soul Pajamas and now my newest inspiration, Amy and Mark Adams-Westin of Amy and Adams...It’s rare for me when I feel like I can really experience the personalities of the artists through their CDs. By the end of this collection, you will really have the feeling that you know these two souls and surprisingly, that you will want to get to know them even better... There is a joy that pervades their new CD, “Dancing Through Time” The songs swing from fun to poignant and are lyrically poetic in the style of true, roots, Folk music. Each of the 11 songs on this disc has its own uniqueness while still maintaining a consistent Folk style and flavor – the sign of great songwriting...the Johnny Mercer classic, “Dream” is a beautiful finale to a CD of positive and sometimes whimsical messages and melo”

"Those who enjoy folk music should appreciate the work of AMY & ADAMS… This is also true for fans of the blues. And rock n' roll. And just about any other form of music, as AMY & ADAMS draw their influences from many different artists. "The Beatles, " Amy said. "We love them. We also like Nat 'King Cole, Frank Sinatra, John Denver…" The pairing of their influences along with their lyrical talents provide for a wonderful debut album, SAIL AWAY… driven acoustic music that provides the foundation for their lyrical work. "SURRENDER" is captivating and really pulls you into the disc with good clean vocals. The songs can be serious ("OH AMY," "LET ME BE"), driving one to really focus on the emotion in the voices, then they can turn around and be rather playful, as Amy demonstrates on "TEDDY BEAR," a song about how stuffed animals can be better than men. This was pre-Mark, of course as Amy pointed out. The Album took about eight months of hard work… It was well worth it…"

"Whippoorwill" is a traditional country waltz ornamented by bits of penny whistle, including a solo on the bridge. In its lyric, in it's melody and arrangement, and in the general feel of this song, I was reminded of "Mockingbird Hill" as it was originally recorded by Les Paul and Mary Ford. This song has the same sort of inherent nostalgia and sentimentality...Like some songs in the old rock-operas, most of the love songs here hold enough images from the Christian canon that they can be taken as sung either to God or to a human lover...Sail Away is a well, written, well produced effort that is certain to be well-received by what may be a niche audience. The music tends to fall between genres and so may not find a home among any specific audience category. However, this music is the stuff of middle-of-the-road radio and could potentially receive a lot of airplay there. It will be interesting to hear what Amy and Adams release next.

“With beautiful harmonies in songs like "Just Blowin' Round" and "I Keep Knocking" they've got a real good thing going here. My favorite track on the album is "Hippie at Heart" which expounds on the Woodstock Generation's loss of vision as they aged. I completely agree - with all the freedom, love and equality, saving the plant and saving humanity - things like taking care of the earth and the sick and the poor and the young... that 'everyone was doing' back in the 60's & 70's, I often wonder wth happened??? But, I'm under 30... Apparently, Mark has wondered the same thing and the song sings about the feeling back then that things WOULD change, that future generations wouldn't have to fight for clean water and food. Mark thinks it isn't too late to recapture that spirit of youth and use it as a powerful and lasting positive impact on the world. More power to 'em.”