Amuck / Press

“Pittsburgh music fans definitely got an early Christmas present this summer with the release of Asymmetry from Amuck. This is a very aggressive album that re-energizes your senses and feelings towards music in 2011. This is a hard hitting release with some talented features. Amuck's genuine and dynamic lyrical ability make this refreshing because this is the music these men wanted to make at the end of the day. No one is telling these talented artists what to do or what to put out. That fact along with music that inspires me is why I definitely put my stamp on this EP.”

“This is not cookie cutter rap, this is very much outside-the-box hip hop, and for fans of this type of rap, this is definitely one of the finer projects to be released. If you like Anticon or Def Jux, then definitely check out Amuck’s Improbabilities as this kid has crafted a solid album that will certainly please this crowd of rap fans.”

“Amuck’s style and lyrical content isn’t all street and bragadocious though. He touches subjects like religious fundamentalism, existentialism and evolution. His last single, “Unfettered Ones” looks at a variety of issues surrounding religion and societal flaws. “Unfettered Ones” provided Amuck with more exposure through airplay on 105.9, The X, in Pittsburgh as well as numerous college radio stations nationwide.”

“It's (Improbabilities) an eclectic full-length with appearances from some local hip-hop fixtures like Basick Sickness and Sikes; Amuck doesn't hold back when he approaches topics like fundamentalism and anti-abortion propaganda, but he also knows when to let the anger rest and have some fun.”

“A typical problem with underground music is a sense of repetition that keeps you from finding those diamonds in the rough through a release. Amuck circumvents that by having a great variety of styles represented here. The beats are tremendously distinctive, and the vocal delivery even alters from track to track. Amuck’s album is a great representation of the variety you can get if you dip into the Pittsburgh scene’s waters.”