A Midnight Tragedy (Official) / Press

“A Midnight Tragedy is an act with punk rock adrenaline and a hard rock vibe that keeps the momentum full and focused. Since the release of their debut EP these guys have gotten everything together and are currently laying it all out for their all new release that was produced by Aiden's frontman Wil Francis ”

Natalie Perez - Natalie's World

“A Midnight Tragedy has a unique combination of power, musicality and drama. They paint musial portraits with a palate of kick butt drumming, booming bass and big guitars. This all supports the creative use of vocals, vocal harmonies, keyboards and sound effects. Their performances have energy, passion and sincerity.”

Jeffrey Lesser - Emmy and Grammy Award Winning Producer Music Credits Include: S - amidnighttragedy.com

“A Midnight Tragedy is an up and coming rock band made up of five young men who have been playing together since 2005. Their music is similar to bands such as My Chemical Romance and Aiden and is known for its punk rock sound as well as its melodramatic teen opera ballads similar to that of rock icon Meatloaf. A Midnight Tragedy sends you on a mystical journey with their music and only big things are in store for this five piece from Kearny NJ. ”

Judy Kennelly - Secaucus Home News

“The thing about wearing makeup and being in a band like AMT is that you are going to be pigeon holed just by the way you look.  AMT has attitude, all they want to do is travel the world in a band and affect people with music. I've known this band for a number of years now and see that all they want to do is make great music that people love.  A small part of this is having skill to sing and play your instrument (Kurt Cobain could barely play a guitar when he wrote teen spirit), the majority of it has to do with Faith and willingness to place everything on hold to chase a silly dream. Silly dreams come true, That and a great melody are recipes for success. ”

Wil Francis of Aiden - I tried to make you Immortal, you tried to make me a KILLER