Ampsex / Press

“Thank God! A band that is serious about it’s music but that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. This young San Francisco three-piece is writing songs that rock and make you laugh at the same time. Beyond the lyrical humor, these guys are superb songwriters that definitely created a rock’n'roll vibe for themselves on their album Original Sound Recordings.”

“Ampsex is a power-trio from San Francisco whose sound is so slippery I had to check a few times to make sure that the songs on this, their debut full-length, were all by the same band. They vacillate wildly between crunching, glammy hard rock like the slithery opener “Pops Fight” and its punchy follow-up, “Crazy Bitch”. Best of the bunch? “Nobody cries in a porno movie”, Ricky Garcia sings on the ultra-catchy “Porno Movie”, a great, radio-rock rock song, not unlike something Everclear woulda done before they lost the plot.”