Amos Slade / Press

"Amos Slade’s music is as hard as the black Dakota dirt come February, and Engbers’ vocals are as bleak and lonely as a drive down I-90. The four-piece band is looking to build upon a regional following with the brand new release Hungry Earth."

"... remarkable set of songs ...a notable debut album ...as good as anything by Band of Horses or similarly like-minded bands. Amos Slade are for real, and Hungry Earth proves that they’re here to stay."

“If you dig Amos Slade's new tracks... you've got to see them live. Complete and total EARGASM!”

Ryder - KRRO Morning Show

“Amos Slade is the kind of group that has the talent to make an impact in not only local but also regional and possibly national music. This isn’t the type of band that crams into a frat basement for a kegger. These guys deserve to be selling out theaters to hipsters and music junkies.”

“Amos Slade is a great band! Not a great up and coming band, but a great, fully realized and ready to take over, kind of band. You NEED to hear them!”