“This is at the nexus of the universe between post-rock and jazz.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen,we are now leaving Planet Earth aboard the Amoeba Starfish. There is no destination; only the trip...:)”

“Totally unique, original and driven.”

Orrery - Reverbnation

“really perfect music!!!”

giampiero b - ReverbNation

“Absolutely transporting and mesmerizing soundscapes.”

Salariatus - Reverb Nation

“This music is very ethereal,complex and tight.”

“AMOEBA STARFISH features one of our favourite space guitarists Phil Ogison along with WaveDrum percussionist Jeff Howard. AMOEBA STARFISH combines elements of groove, chill, space and psychedelia in equal proportions, at times tribal, at times alien, a combination of the earth and the stars, sure to intrigue, soothe and excite. Phil and Jeff opened the 2010 PiNG season when they performed as Phil's The Devil In The Design project and this band was born as a result, so it seems fitting that they close out this year's PiNG model.”