AMKEN / Press

“Overall – If there’s one album you make it your mission to hear and buy this year, make it ‘Theater Of The Absurd’. Like unlocking and releasing a long hidden precious gem you know you’ll never want to be without again”

““Theater of the Absurd” is the type of shit that has an eternal mosh pit going on as it’s playing, and the kind of thing that will surely propel Amken to the forefront of the Greek thrash scene as they’ve clearly got loads of talent to throw around.”

“Theater Of The Absurd’ is a perfect thrash album, it has everything, a perfect mix, a great use of style and song arrangement and an overall presence that makes you spin this well into double figures time after time. Of recent times, this is the most enjoyable thrash release by an underground band, period.”

“Amken's 8-song debut is a 10 out of 10 album that is so incredibly good that it leaves me speechless!”

“Theater Of The Absurd is a very strong debut album, the production zings, the performance is top notch and it all puts the band in a position to sound far beyond their years”

“What they play is beautiful, rough-around-the-edges, blistering, old-school, Bay Area-esque thrash metal. Complete with a slightly warped sense of humour, Amken are ridiculously easy to get into if thrash is your thing.”