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“When Solitude Productions sent me his last pack, I was immediately struck by a simple cover. Grass with stelle asked above. Graves In To All of Amily . It is clear that I would have to face the doom seeing this cover. Totues ways to label specializes in this type of production. But the artwork was quite attractive so that it makes me want to throw an ear. In educating me a bit, I realized that this was the first album of the group. An album that was delivered in length since the group took six years to get out. I must say that the concerns line up did not help. So much so that more than two members officiating in this one. This does not prevent the combo to keep the compositions written in advance, while crediting to those who participated in the writing.This first album of Amily is a success and what is even more surprising is the sound quality that they show for the first jet operated and style. Not the album of the century, but that is listened without displeasure. Stay tuned.”

“A Doom-Death band that calls itself simply Amily's already somehow special. Amily consists of only two members who but for the debut here brought several guest musicians on board. The duo tinkering since 2006 to his songs and yet it is only now brings the debut at the start. Has a lot of lead time, but this also paid off and you can hear it on the album? No, unfortunately, not really. The songs themselves are for the most part arranged beautifully, but the one does not really get a great production (I think thats the guitar sound sucks) and on the other they both wanted in places way too. The pieces remain in not always hang in the ear and just exaggerated theatricality, I personally find particularly awful. The music itself is somewhere a mixture of MY DYING BRIDE, EISREGEN and Gothic Mucke à la THE banished children of Eve. "To all in Graves' has really good approaches to the duo but unfortunately messed up again himself. Too bad, because the mixture of above mentioned bands I real”

“There's so sometimes when a promo from the editorial board is difficult for grabs. This happened in Ukraine as debut album, To All in Graves -wind. Then, some of these "someone should write about it" basis, I accepted the cup. Let there be light: a promising debut publication to know! Em from the formula that Ukrainian duo Solitude Productions stables easily computed. Yeah, you win! Indeed doom / death metal flag bearers of the young Ukrainian officers.”

“When I first came across Amily (from Rivne, Ukraine), they were marketing themselves as Funeral Doom – slower and bleaker than traditional Death Doom / Gothic Doom, (but not quite as slow as Drone Doom – a kind of Doom Metal where the drummer has time to leave the stage, go to the bathroom, buy a beer at the bar, drink it, chat to a few friends, update his Facebook status, return to the stage and still be 10 minutes early for the next drum beat…. so he goes off again to buy another drink, has a few shooters while he’s at the bar, gets drunk, forgets the time and ends up missing the next drum beat altogether totally messing up the timing of the song and throwing the rest of the band completely out on sync… pffffft… drummers! Well, OK, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration there…) Anyway, the first two songs I heard from Amily were the demo versions of the title track to their then upcoming album, the bleak and heavy “To All in Graves”,”

“Amily is a relatively new band from Ukraine. Their first album, 'To All in Graves', is more than appropriate for the label it was released from, Solitude Productions. Typically, the bands signed with Solitude Productions basically fit the same category: Doom Metal that is crushing and slow, but also conveys a heavy dose of atmosphere. Amily is no exception, their style would probably share the most characteristics with the gothic-tinged Death/Doom of Nox Aurea and Paradise Lost’s first two albums. However, while the band has clear references from other bands, Amily creates their own original blend of extreme Doom and symphonic Metal. n the simplest of terms, 'To All in Graves' is a perfect cross between Death and Doom Metal, with loads of orchestral elements. Yet rather than sounding melancholic or romantic, this usage of symphonic instruments bring out a medieval kind of darkness in the band’s Doom/Death style, which already sounds sinister enough.”

“Launched at the beginning of last November the debut of these Ukrainians known as Amily. After some changes in its lineup, the band has established itself as a duo, with De Mort, responsible for programming and guitars, and Growllemin Love, who was in charge of the lyrics and vocals. The album begins with Endless Exequies, orchestrated a track start, that as soon as the weight gain of the guitars and drums. Fading Image of My Own begins with the sound of a cello (synthesized) giving a whole gloomy climate for music. Orchestrations are heard here and there, giving a very interesting counterpoint to the heavy guitars, guttural vocals and battery checked. In this range we have the participation of former singer Amatielle, which participates only in this age. Renaissance Day's climate through Cradle of Filth, with its start being played on keyboards beginning of a way slower and gaining speed as you go along, as if summoning all to his funeral last waltz.”

“Ok, initially this band threw me for a loop. A color photo of the band's own grave adorns the album cover. To All In Graves is the title, ok, sounds like a femme fronted gothic doom outfit. The opening instrumental sets the tone and doesn't do much to deviate from my expectations… until "Fading Image Of My Own" drops with a slow ass riff and thundering growled vocals. Great. Sometimes I love it when a release goes a direction opposite my expectations. ”

“Amily – “To All in Graves” (2012)”

“Another brilliant debut from a young Ukrainian band suiting tastes of fans of various doom metal substyles. Amily mix harmoniously doom death metal, gothic doom metal, and funeral doom metal adding a part of theirs souls into the music. «To All in Graves» is, first of all, melody framed with darkness, and sublime orchestral keyboards referring to neoclassical music. It is worth to mention that basing of the genre traditions the musicians created their own harmonic world which is ready to accept anyone who is able to open his heart and feel it.”