American Pink Floyd / Press

“I've heard other bands cover Floyd before, but nothing such as I witnessed last night.”

“Totally rocked me!”

"This band is a genuine treat for my ears."

“The rendition of 'Great Gig in the Sky' was astounding.”

“The best Pink Floyd tribute I've heard!”

“Eclipse went that deep into Floyd's discography and executed it flawlessly. Truly remarkable!”

“I have heard plenty of tribute and copy bands in my day, but nothing nearly this accurate.”

“I’ve loved Pink Floyd for 25 YEARS and never have I heard such a good tribute band.”

“Incredible! A must see show!”

“The show was amazing last. Eclipse is the best Pink Floyd tribute band.”

“INSANE! Eclipse blew everybody away with the music and professionalism of the sound of Floyd. I can't wait to hear them again.”