American't / Press

"Their singer is a fat hairy alcoholic who doesn't take anything seriously and should be shot in the face"

Aononymous eleventeen year old - Highlights

"windows get smashed and business carries on as usual. the only thing that can stop it is American't."

Dick Cheney - Forbes Magazine

"Once in awhile, something truly inspirational comes from southeastern Connecticut. These four bright and talented young people are going to change the face of music for the better for generations to come. Sure, they may be a little rough around the edges and drop a few f-bombs now and again, but what they lack in social norms they make up for with that special kind of spark that can lead us all to a better place. The kind of place we have dreampt of since our youth where anything is possible. That special place where, at least for a few moments, we are completely free from all the things that have held us back and tired our weary bones. Plus, I really wanna fuck the singer.

Norm McDonald - USA Today

"this band is responsible for Mayday"

Dingle McDickitis - Harpers

"I wanna produce their next track"

Lil Wayne - Hip Hop Jamz

"I literally shit myself the first time i heard them, then immediatly killed seventeen police officers after beating up my dad and snorting all my daughter's Zoloft."

Barrack Obama - Readers Digest

"I wanna fuck every member of this band while doing whippits"

Hunter S. Thompson - Teen Weekly