American Swindle / Press

“From the opening notes of the first track, “Drifter”, one finds shades of Kenny Wayne Sheppard coming to the ear, and the hard-driving rock riffs interlaced with well-timed changes and stops that support the title track “Where Did We Go Wrong” are nothing less than the musical resurrection of Mr. Steve Gaines on guitar. American Swindle is a powerful three-piece out of Houston, Texas -- Guitarist/singer Joey Kilcommins, bass player Michael Guidry, and drummer/singer Don Rosecrans play it large and rowdy, somehow capturing the essence of live performance on this studio-produced record... nothing on this disc that ain’t been done before, but it’s been many years since it has been done so flawlessly or with this much raw passionate energy. American Swindle gets it dead-on right from the opening notes to the last fading cymbal crashes of their debut 5-song EP, and we at Rivethead recommend it highly.”