Americans UK / Press

“Brooklyn-based sci-fi rockers Americans UK just released their new EP, ‘Hostile Takeover.’ In celebration, the band has teamed with Revolver to premiere the video for the title track.”

“Many times the hooks and song structure remind me of Bowie. In general it sounds a lot like his glam period. Still, this is more modern. It has a lot of electronic sound and lands near to Rammstein, Kraftwerk and DEVO at times. Whatever you call this, though, [Hostile Takeover is] a good EP. It manages to entertain from beginning to end.”

“[T]he sound of Americans UK is immediately set as punchy and futuristic [...] the combination of styles and tones seem to be at odds with each other, and yet they manage to combine to create music the likes of which you’ve quite possibly never heard before [...] fun and upbeat [...] some truly fun listening, [...] a high octane assault on the senses.”

“So “Lights Out In Zap City” is a dance-rock song that describes a city where superheroes and villains exist, and the heroes have lost, and the villains are destroying the population. And then “Fear Wolf” describes what may be one of those super villains. There’s a sort of continuity that runs through all the songs–it’s a loose continuity, certainly, but the songs belong together and inform one another. So then you have “Writing Back In Time,” where some future civilization has gotten some sort of message from another civilization–say, humans on Earth–and by the time the aliens get here, everybody is dead and gone (see “Hostile Takeover” and “Lights Out In Zap City”), so the aliens have to send their reply back through time, and all they want to know is, “why?””

“Americans UK, who had been simmering all night behind their carefully modulated musical contributions were finally given free reign to break into a wild set list featuring some recent songs from their album Rocktronic and when lead singer Jef UK donned his domino mask, it was no more mister nice guy. Their promising “Sons of Ba’al” shook the establishment and gained Trip City a caution to keep the noise down. Americans UK’s own idiosyncratic combination of music and comics storytelling brought together the disparate elements of the happening into one final and resounding model as comics drifted and progressed behind them in bold color and sharp contrast. Jeff Newelt, a.k.a. JahFurry joined the band for a final send-off in a combination slide-show rap-hip-hop performance, welcoming Brooklyn to Trip City. ”

“For a rock singer dude, Jef really knows how to twist a word.[...] What Jef has done and is doing with these comix is a world of fun, a gas and a half. Honestly, these are the sort of comics that Fredric Wertham got a hard-on over, undoubtedly.”

“Though the bulk of Americans UK’s latest EP Luxuria isn’t exactly what one would term “kid-friendly,” this jazz-infused funk number will likely prove itself irresistible to listeners of any age. ”

“For its debut album, Rocktronic, the band created a 9-song assault on the senses and sensibilities. Its infectious pop beats and post-punk riffs channeled the sonic specters of The Dickies, The Ramones and Electric Six. The lyrics invoked tales of zombie invasions (“Zombies Attack”), dancehall mavens (“Rocktronic”) and bawdy teenage fantasies (“Inappropriate Words To Your Mother”).”

“Jef UK, with the help of several artists and illustrators, has been writing and publishing a series of comic books that chronicle AM/UK's adventures through space and time [and] the band's frenzied live shows [....] Their records [are an] assault on the senses.”