American Speedway / Press

"Like an even more hepped-up New Bomb Turks (or Nashville Pussy, Turbonegro or Zeke, or...), these guys pop the clutch and jam the car into 4th gear" - Tim Hinely, BLURT

Tim Hinely - Blurt Magazine

"Confident and assertive without hitting the point of cockiness, every second of Ship Of Fools asserts that while we are no longer in the fine company of acts such as the New Bomb Turks or Gaza Strippers, the world of punk rock’n’roll is alive again. American Speedway have revived the corpse."

“full frontal assault that connects with the precision of a pitcher throwing the perfect game.This is rip roaring rock/punk/metal with a battery of drums, ear tingling leads and a thick sounding guitar that all blend into the perfect backing for the vocals”

“Philly fearsome foursome American Speedway almost caused me to follow through, such was the ferocity of the music I simply wasn't expecting when it ripped out of the speakers, grabbed me by the hair and started throwing me 'round the room like something out of The Exorcist (metaphorically speaking of course). Full-on, in your face, hard rockin' punkified noise! Like a really pissed off Zeke, American Speedway don't just simply go for noise and more noise they peddle a harnessed Exocet noise that sounds focused and ready to attack. ”

“this 7" is most notable for taking the elegant, almost feminine glam of Marc Bolan and savaging it, scaring the hell out of it, and brutally beating it on a rock like a bear killing a trout”

“deftly navigate that sweet spot between intensity and rhythm, and cut an album that just rocks, man. ...”

"...this is serious ball-breakin’ rock!...sounds like a gang of demon-bikers coming to get you."

“AMERICAN SPEEDWAY sounds almost legitimately Southern it could thus be said they are the North's answer to NASHVILLE PUSSY. ”

Ray Van Horn, Jr - AMP MAGAZINE