American Ritual / Press

"The set was filled with lyrics of love, life, loss and redemption... They offered energy, compassion and showed the love for what they do without compromise. These guys did an awesome set"

“Listen to Juli B.'s interview with Americal Ritual!”

“I may have stood up and applauded, without even realizing it. American Ritual’s album is power packed both vocally and instrumentally. Southern rock is alive and kicking in Dallas.”

“We're live on the Edge 102.1 FM New Discover & Uncover online radio.”

“Interview with American Ritual -- TELL US A STORY ABOUT A DAY IN YOUR LIFE: They let us out of our cell three times daily. The food is getting better.”

“Look for American Ritual as a Featured Artist on Demented Delusions Radio!”

“Go to VRadio at http://www.indievtv.com/VRadio1.html and request to hear some American Ritual!”

“Listen for American Ritual on the air at UltimateLocalMusic.com!”

“Listen for American Ritual on the air at Doom Crew Radio! Ask the DJ to play some AR! http://doomcrew.forbidenhosting.com/ or on http://www.fubar.com in the BlessedHellride Lounge.”