American Gonzos / Press

“The Gonzos’ style reverberates with rock that’s part punk, funk and alternative that jams mightily”

“Their new album No Way to Live is a high-octane tribute to driving beats and the kind of guitar work that suggests smoke machines and pyrotechnics.”

““Ain’t The Best,” another stand-out of the album, is the track which Thelston believes best represents the style and strength of the band overall.”

“Big hooks and melodies pervade the hard-rocking tunes and their musicianship comes smashing through.”

“Riff heavy jams with alternative blends”

“The American Gonzos will have you out of your seat dancing to every melody and sing every word. With a kick ass rhythm section and a virtuosic lead guitarist The American Gonzos will not disappoint.”

“The album opens with “Dominican Legs,” a “Tommy the Cat”-inspired funkout that at best dances around its narrative. Mitch Dean looks to Les Claypool often for his direction, fomenting the band’s groove-laden sound opposite drummer Toby Burleson, while guitarist Andrew Thelston spins tightly-wound melodies like Nile Rodgers on Adventures In the Land of the Good Groove. 61/100”

“The American Gonzos are "a power trio with rock and roll attitude! Louder than The Who but with the ability to make the crowd get up and dance. Catchy melodies and bitchin riffs round out these North Carolina sons."”

“I recommend this to anybody who likes rock and funk and anybody who's open to new genres. 3 out of 5 stars”