American Fangs / Press

“Fanged: Houston Rockers Brawl With Self-Proclaimed Vampire On Tour”

“American Fangs are releasing their long-awaited and consistently delayed album in early 2013. It's obvious these dudes mean business. Frontman Gabe Cavazos has a stage presence that is unmatched and the band's insightful and intelligent lyrics combine with hooks that stay stuck in your head for days. In a time where radio rock is stale, Fangs bring something new to the table, the edge that has been missing since the early 90s. Every one of the members has been a part of the Houston music scene for well over a decade, playing in some of the best rock bands to ever come out of this city.”

“Don't look now, but Houston may have just as many good thrashy rock bands as San Antonio. And you can put powerhouse four-piece combo American Fangs near the top of the heap. There isn't a single song by these rockers that doesn't sound like it was made with rock radio -- a la The Buzz -- in mind. What separates the Fangs from most others in the crowded genre are their lyrics. Filled with smart, memorable hooks, the band could take some of the manic music off their tunes and they'd still be attention-grabbers. But dialing it down is not what the Fangs are about; they crank their sexy anthem "Le Kick" to 11 and run toward the cliff. They're so underground, they don't even use last names, and their publicity is almost anti-publicity, like "if you don't know, we ain't gonna tell ya." Whatever the formula is, it seems to be working.”

“It’s obvious that the band isn’t afraid to incorporate many different styles into their music and this fearlessness sets it apart from many other bands. The band’s self-titled EP is filled with short but worthwhile tracks that somehow had me singing the band’s hooks long after listening.”