American Dischord (AMDX) / Press

“American Dischord play the catchiest, coolest style of punk rock with hella memorable hook, and put a HUGE grin on my face for their entire killer performance. Rock N' Roll type of punk that is hella catchy but never descends in to cheese-punk. Cool, old style MAIDEN rifts with great guys too. Harald O. gives em 5 K's and two thumbs up!”

Harald Oimoen - Dirty Rotten Imbiciles (D.R.I.)

“American Dischord simply rock. They know what it means to be wild on stage and to play music that moves you. Loud, chaotic, and energizing - this band could have followed Minor Threat back in the day easily”

Barb Wire Dolls (Greece)

“American Dischord is one of the most motivated bands to walk through my door.”

Brendan McReynolds - Freestate Sound

“A refreshing dose of pure Punk Rock energy,”

Michale Graves (formerly of The Misfits)