American Lesion / Press

“Be sure to pick up a copy of EACH album in the OFFICIAL STORE!”

“I Love you guys...PLEASE come back to Savannah sooooon!”

Bobbie N. - E-mail

“....." American Lesion rocked the fuck out. it was like the scene out of a film. Not the crappy kind of film like they mostly make today, but a surreal metal and stripper wide screen extravaganza ."”

King Spo-It - King Spo-It's Review

“..."American Lesion kicked ass also couldn`t have had a better support act for the Misfits on December 6th"...”

Tim Hurd - Facebook

“AMERICAN LESIONS HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“You guys did an awesome job on 9/11 @ The Masquerade, i love the energy!”

Melissa C. - Fanmail

“American Lesion KICKS so much fukkin' ass!!! When are you guys coming back to Tucker Saloon???”

K. Davis - Fanmail