America Hearts / Press

“Lo-fi quartet America Hearts has been riding high on the success of their mini-EP releases (Angsty and Messy) for the past couple months, which is apart of their digital singles series. This show marks their third, and last, release of the series- titled Country.”

“This D.C. band plays the kind of heartbreaking indie folk pop that will inevitably be co-opted by a Zooey Deschanel sitcom.”

“America Hearts, the jangly D.C. indie-pop quartet, is putting a modern twist on the idea of a “singles club.””

“America Hearts impresses with their ability to deliver deft observations in such an easygoing and catchy tune. (You’ll be whistling it to yourself, guaranteed.)”

“Did you order out for singles from your favorite record labels? Did you spend Saturday afternoon rifling through vinyl for Record Store Day? America Hearts has your number. The local indie-folk quartet's batch of nine new songs is enough to fill up an LP, but instead, the group will pay tribute to the singles clubs of yore and release the tracks in the form of three EPs over three months with accompanying shows at the Black Cat.”

“Local lo-fi popsters America Hearts have a couple of vinyl releases to their name. But while their latest project invokes one of the more cherished traditions of indie pop—the subscription singles club—it's friendly to the vinyl-averse.”

“The upcoming single, A Whole Lotta Love is, " a sweet ditty of staggering childlike sincerity that could have come from the mind heart of Moe Tucker."”

“TVD Recommends: America Hearts Singles Club #1 at the Black Cat”

“America Hearts plays quirky garage-pop driven by the tried-and-true formula of straightforward guitar, bass and drums. It's teamed up with the Black Cat nightclub for a fresh take on an album release show.”

“America Hearts recalls the magnetic charm of Beat Happening and Silver Jews thanks to singer Jess Matthews straightforward cadence and jangly pop-centric instrumentals.”

“America Hearts' Kristina Buddenhagen recorded the group's new single, "A Whole Lotta Love," on the Moogle.”

"the London twee pop act and the local lo-fi stalwarts each ask the other five questions." We interviewed Allo, Darlin' and they turned around and interviewed us right back.

“America Hearts guest DJ's on the Valentine's Day edition of Dissonance.”

"We all covet that affordable downtown loft space." (I weighed in on the DC music scene.)