aMedivm / Press

“When we go to see live music, we are getting the product of hours of rehearsals, days of writing, weeks of conceptualizing, months of practice and years of the artists honing their craft. Deitra has had the privilege of seeing behind the bright lights and smoky atmosphere of the performance of one of the most talented bands to hit the Springfield play bills: aMedivm. AMedivm is made up of Brandon Closser (guitar), Nathan Kearney, aka Snake (guitar, vocals), Shaun Wilcoxen (bass) and the newest member Jake Stringer (drums). They are self classified as “transmutated gypsy prog rock,” their sound a winning combination of post-rock and doom metal with the experimental melodic guitar riffs of Zeppelin. Sitting down with these gentlemen pre-band practice you get a rare view into their creative process and it adds more of the human element to the gods they become while entrancing an audience.”