Ambush Party / Press

"...that’s what Ambush Party does to you: they make you bleed superlatives from every pore, and to hell with structure, grace and pants. If you’ve yet to purchase this platter, I’m not accountable for your alarming lack of character."

"Attendees are advised to raise protective shields at the first sign of a Denny Jackson solo. His loosed forays have been known to melt faces “Raiders of the Lost Ark”-style."

"AP's unapologetic, high-energy funk rock is the perfect compliment to a night out quaffing PBRs and jumping around with your friends...the groove is infectious enough to have even the most stalwart shoegazer out on the floor shaking their ass."

"a lively 30-minute pub crawl with professionals schooled in groove; the Corvallis quartet clamps its hooks tight to a solid rock foundation... 'You Are Not Safe Without Us' may not protect you from life's horrors... but you should probably own a copy, just in case"

"There is something in the rhythm, something in the groove, that is unique to Ambush Party and that the band carries steadily through each and every track...it's rock and roll, not rocket science"

“The 1,540th best rock band in the world”

"an explosive chemistry that rocks so hard you loose [sic] track of time"