Ambrosia / Press

“I left the show stunned by the vocal abilities of Ken Stacey. The man can hit some high notes and hold them !!!”

“If “Hopes & Dreams” is any indication, Ambrosia still have everything it takes to craft great material and are going to be releasing many more hits in the future.”

“Let me assure you, Ambrosia are simply awesome and still "have it". When I booked them in April '10 at my predominantly indie rock club in Brooklyn, I had no idea what to expect. The band wowed the audience of 350 people, had everyone singing and more importantly, had everyone really listening and understanding what it is Ambrosia is known for. They were professional, of course, but also engaging and fun, and we enjoyed having them so much, we're already dreaming up the next scenario for when we can book them again. Rest assured, Ambrosia in 2010, are absolutely worth booking, absolutely wonderful people, and a sure thing for fans of 70s classic and soft rock.”

Jack McFadden - The Bell House Brooklyn, NY

“ After 40 years, Ambrosia still has some of the best harmonies in the business. Their show was tight, the musicianship unmatched, and they are obviously still loving playing all of their classic hits. ”

Kim Yaffa - Infinity Hall Norfolk, CT

"The band's song's were done so precisely; they were receiving standing encores after every song during the show!"

RANDY ELLIS - The Record Collector Concert Series

“Their stage presence and personality is top-notch, and the audience couldn't have been any happier. In fact, the same can be said of our staff, too!”

Carey Driscoll - AMSD Concerts