Amber Yholeata / Press

"Songstress, Storyteller, and friend of Mr. DC – Amber Yholeata is ready to add some spice into the music industry. Her style of music is noted as a mix of rock, blues, funk, and pop. And be clear, the bright clothes, wild hair and over the top personality has been her since the beginning she is NOT a Nicki Minaj clone"

“I have had the pleasure of visiting Amber Yholeata many times at the Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar on Saturday nights with Visions Band, and while there you only get a glimpse of how ALIVE and contagious her spirit truly is. B.E.S.T. is proud to welcome her as one of our new lead vocalists, she will bring a Rock~n~Soul flavor to our major events starting later this month.”

“” When she belts out a tune the room can feel her natural energy and her upbeat messages of hope, determination and sheer love of the music. “Singing is such a good feeling — it’s all-encompassing,” she gushed. She feels as an artist it’s her job to transform people’s lives and works hard to do that with her music.”

“Listeners can't deny the raw talent of singer and Virginia native Amber Yholeata.Far from a cookie cutter, her swagger is partially motivated by Glam Rock bands such as Twisted Sister or The Iron Maiden. A style that compliments the young singers' already radiant personality... ”