Amber Spyglass / Press

"This is Goth with a decidedly different kind of groove."

Matthew Heilman - Starvox

"Female vocalist, male on guitar. You think perhaps you've heard it before, but trust me on this one, you haven't."

Carolee - Gothic Beauty

"..a message of love and betrayal, of tribal ecstasy and the bloodiest treachery."

Regina Harrison - The Sentimentalist

"Just the kind of thing to dispel any lingering worries about darkwave clichés."

Peter Parrish - Stylus

"Not since Mazzy Star have I heard a more original and soul touching one male one female musical collaboration."

Incubi - GothTGP

"..a good antidote for those who think there's far too much techno bangin' around."

Girl the Bourgeois - Sorted Magazine

"..more than plundering a boxful of influences."

Gothvodka - Glitter n' Black

"Accelerating Parcae is an engaging work of ethereal rock with world music influences."

Cedric - Side-Line

"..they take you to the Middle East by way of the Wild West..."

Leah Callahan - Illegitimate Theatre Company