Amber Snider / Press

“Like a fine Cabernet, multi-layered, great character and a big finish, Amber will warm your hearts with her songs.”

"Super talented. Catch her while you can before a ticket to her show is 50 bucks."

“style is blues-based pop w/ rock edges that sometimes echoes the work of Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, & perhaps Melissa Etheridge.(Snider's)...voice is an appealing instrument.”

Vol. XXIX - - Music Connection Magazine - CD Review

“We hear tastes of a New York musical village…and Merchant . The music breathes…A dichotomy exists….storyteller appeal …Her intimate treatment reveals a vocal maturity. Nonchalant Rickie Lee Jones' approach to loose & spontaneous performance. Well done and we look forward to more.”

"She's what the music industry needs now...Natalie Merchant mixed with Sophie B. Hawkins and Sheryl Crow. Sensitive lyrics without saccharine and jazz-infused melodies without pretense."

Jamie Miller - former KVYN Program Director