Amber Lee and the Anomalies / Press

“Dressed to the nines, they bring an alpha-gypsy feel to their performance (Like this), and you’ll find yourself uncontrollably spinning and writhing as they lay out their intoxicating tunes. While Baker brings her own brand of polka-meets-cabaret to envelop her seductive balladry, de le Prade adds her unique zydeco/celtic-meets-punk attitude to the menu (Like this). The result of the tag-teaming duet is definitely powerful, and addictive.”

“Baker and De La Prade played two small sets of foot-stomping, arm-stretching, hand-clappin’ jams that amazed the house. From Baker’s heartfelt accordion, loop-pedal, glockenspiel and odd percussion instruments to De La Prade’s foot stomping, harmonica playin’, and breathtaking wales of harmony and storytelling, these ladies don’t leave enough air for themselves let alone the crowd gasping from enjoyment. By far one of the most fun and impressive house performances I’ve been too, and I sure hope they swing back this way and more folks get a chance to be captivated.”

“Accordion Babes will demand your complete surrender...”

“Baker's potent voice loses none of its luster in her live performance, her vocals staying true to the studio versions of her tunes.”

“... ['Indelible'] boasts a diversity of tracks, all written by Baker, from the carnivalesque opener "Accordions Are Leading the Show" to touching ballads like "Waltzing by Just Holding Hands," a moving ode to love and aging. While her band provides solid backing throughout, the real star of the show is Baker, whose powerful vocals and poignant lyrics propel each track.”

“Like other contemporary cabaret performers Amber Lee is fearless in her incorporation of folk music into her songwriting. It gives her music depth and a warm texture that goes beyond the performance gloss some current cabaretists rely solely on. But this interest in pre-modern music forms only hints at what makes Amber Lee interesting. See, while Amber Lee wields an accordion she could just as well be rolling out her tunes from behind a piano keyboard. Eccentric choice in instrument and snazzy costume choices aside, Amber Lee is talented singer-songwriter. *That* is what makes her new CD, "Indelible", a recording that rewards repeated listens.”

"...cabaret like delicious sonic snail slime."

Caroline Osborn - The Northbay Bohemian

“... keening ballads about lonely whalers' wives, monsters and graveyards resembling slowed-down Decemberists songs were they wheezed from an accordion by a camp counselor gone cheerfully goth. Might be depressing, were it not for Amber Lee's bright, tune-carrying voice...”