Amber Digby & Midnight Flyer / Press

“Her songs overflow with heartache, misery, cheating lovers, sorrow, regret and resignation. She digs down really deep, making us believe that she lived a life of heartache and pain.”

"Wow it's been a long time since we received a CD here at Roots Music Report that literally gave all the staff the chills. Wow can this lady deliver a country song. And Amber Digby has a voice that is unblemished and a pleasure to listen to."

“…Digby’s sweet voice, (is) a throwback to the ladylike stylings of Tammy Wynette…”

"There’s a young girl, Amber Digby, whose work is worth looking at."

“Amber D has an amazing voice! She continues to carry on with that unique style which makes her voice one of the finest female country vocalists! Her voice touches my heart and my soul.”

Ronnie Milsap - liner notes - "Passion, Pride, & What Might Have Been"

“…is she country? You bet…if you like your country with a capital ‘C’, she’s your gal.”

Robert K. Oermann - Music Row Magazine

"It does my heart good to hear that somebody is still making music this pure and fine."

Robert K. Oermann - Music Row Magazine

“…Houston’s Amber Digby and her band, Midnight Flyer, create Southwestern dance-floor country with all the gusto of a foamy head of beer. Her new album, Passion, Pride and What Might Have Been, is the place to go for those who think good country music ended when Ray Price stopped recording shuffle rhythms.”

"Amber Digby’s gin-soaked performances leave teardrops throughout the record. Listening, it’s obvious she learned from the best, and she channels that insight masterfully."

"Amber Digby has earned herself a reputation as one of the finest young singers of traditional country music."

"..the duet with Amber Digby on “A Couple More Years” leaves an impression."

"Here Come The Teardrops, is a marginalized, modern-day classic..."

"I haven’t had a female singer knock me off my feet like this girl in quite some time."

"Amber Digby has mastered the technique of bending and pushing key notes to give us the maximum amount of heartbreak and anguish while maintaining the restraint that today’s country howlers can’t seem to manage."

"For Amber Digby, Country Music Is A Family Affair."

"To say Amber Digby grew up in country music is no stretch."