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“I really like the vision that you take with your music, a gentle blend of traditional world music with new age and folk influences. Very soothing. With this style of music, it's very easy for the listener to sit back and close their eyes and be taken away to lands far away. Would make a great soundtrack for a video or movie.”

JAMES GILBERT - The Spotlight Zone

“Such wonderfully ambient and, at times, evocative, music. For me, it feels like balm to the soul.”

“ Awesome music! I feel like in Heaven.”

"India Calling" is just Beautiful, just Beautiful !

Jeffrey Whitman - reverbnation

“I really could travel inside my dreams with your music Mr Das. Its so beautiful and inspired. Stay Blessed!”

Ras Production: - Ras Production:

“Beautiful music, so peaceful!! All the best to ya from Texas!!”

Zoe Ann - reverbnation

“I totally love "Me and dreams", it is very beautiful. Shut your eyes, and drink in the beauty ”

Deborah Pira - reverbnation

“Hi Ambar, enjoying the relaxing sounds of Me and Dreams, nice feel: it's transporting me to a beautiful place with warm winds and waves and sandy shores, thanks for your friendship.”

Aoede - reverbnation

“I'm @ a loss for words Ambar Das!! Just brilliant!! Take care & thanks!”

Andrew Austin - reverbnation

“Love it here. You have some BEAUTIFUL MUSIC HERE!! So mystical. Your track "Zoeetaaz song" FANTASTIC!! Stay blessed. Kalimba Master.”

Lenox Mayes jr - reverbnation