Amazing Heeby Jeebies / Press

“Like a sawed off double barrel shotgun cutting people down its the way i felt the first time I seen Ary on top of Earls Bass, Earl pulling them strings like it was a trigger. They're the Bonnie & Clyde of Rock N Roll.”

Grimly Fiendish - (Tribes United)

"Ary is a badass front girl for a very unique band. Enjoyed working with them at Grandbar in Chicago last Friday. Bettie Page meets The Cramps is what she's got goin' on, and their banner tag line 'Dixiefried Garagabilly' is dead-on right as to their musical approach. They'd be a great band for a Halloween party. They're every bit as Southern Gothic haunting as The Cramps and others. Besides, Ary can give any man a heart attack with a single glance and a twitch of her hips. I mean it's all over, cats! Rock on you guys".

Charles Paul Waters - (Lonesome Tears)

“The Amazing Heeby Jeebies Are Bad News People...Members of this band have been fired from jobs...arrested and have criminal records...They have a Bad Attitude like it's nobody's business...The only thing they know how to do is Rock...This is the band your parents didn't want you to listen to"... ”

Roger Dietrick - The Sheboygan Gazette