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“A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with the quintet that make up Amateur Hour to talk about their latest work, their journey over the past year, their experiences with the nerves, and the philosophies that drive their artistry on a day to day basis.”

“Radio Interview 8/22/2013”

“Radio interview”

“International Women’s Day celebration brings together Art, Music and Culture featuring over 20 local, national and international visual/musical artists. Live music and an art exhibit honoring Women’s economic, political, social and artistic achievements on March 8 and 9 at multikulti Cultural Center located at 1000 N. Milwaukee in Chicago. Chicago, IL – Independent organizations Rockotitlan Chicago and Quennect 4 Gallery present a 2 day festival: ‘A Women’s Revolution, in honor of International Women’s Day’ featuring an art exhibit and live performaces including touring latin artist: Xenia Rubinos from New York. The night will present over 20 visual artists: installations, photography, drawings and paintings. Live musical performances by Maria Blues Carballo (Argentina), Las Bompleneras (bomba/plena), Hanna Frank (folk/rock), Ang 13 (hiphop), Lizzo (R&B) Amateur Hour (funk/soul). DJ’s Miss Cedeño (Electro/House), Big Pussy (kittenwave), Carolyn (Natural 1), Kinky P, B”

“Here we get to hear demo versions of songs Amateur Hour will be entering the studio with. Rest assured, when I go buy the finished product, it will include "Cesspool" or someone will get an earful from me. The track showcases everything that makes Amateur Hour great. Specifically, Amateur Hour is resplendent with two female leads that, at Amateur Hour's best, are perfectly complemented by moody guitar that both matches their emotive vocals and builds choruses that dial up the feeling. Case in point, on "Cesspool," Amateur Hour uses distorted acoustic guitar chords to set up a narrator/character's plaintive entreaty, "the baby's cradle wasn't made to be so cruel." There is another side of Amateur Hour -- snaky Santana riffs, Latin-tinged bongo drums, and dare-I-say Spanish lyrics -- and it's no less praise-worthy.”