Amarta Project / Press

“'Night Stories' is an album that is bursting with variety. Honestly, there are so many various genres and styles packed in this album, which definitely shows how skilled the artist is. You'll hear a bit of funk, electropop, breakbeat, drum&bass, chillout, lounge and anything in between. On top of that we are talking quality as well. All tracks have absolutely natural flow to them. I can only guess, but it sounds like there has been a lot of effort and sleepless nights put into making those vibes. What is absolutely mind blowing is how it all comes together, you'll be nodding your head to some crazy cuts and stutters in one song and then you'll be taken away by relaxing and intimate sonic experience which will naturally merge into jazzy layers, electro synth leads, piano inversions and funky beats. THAT is just fantastic. Night Stories is a diverse set of quality electronic music with unique and engaging oscillations of mood, tempo and genres.”

“The tune that I have picked up for this week is a wonderful balance of chilled downtempo beats, beautiful vocals and melodic vibes. It's a quality combination and Amarta Project definitely gets a big up for work executed so well. I'll be keeping my eyes on future releases by Amarta Project. Looks like (and sounds like) this project has some good stuff up the sleeve. Let's enjoy the tune and give full support for this awesome artist.”

“Before we state who the winners and runner ups are for the Social Suicide Remix Contest, Viro & Rob Analyze, Odissi, Noiseporn Records (and Noiseporn.com) want to thank each and every artist that contributed to the remix contest! We were overwhelmed and pleased to see so many new producers deliver a remix of the tune! Picking the winners was very tough! We originally had 5 slots for the winners but received some entries that we just could not say no to! We hope you enjoy the winning remixes. As for the runner ups, you also should be VERY proud of the work you have done. Your remix is available for download (and will remain to be forever!).”

“ "This was an amazing remix, and had something very special and unique about it, mainly the groove was super funky and had a cool vibe. Kept mostly a nice musical groove through the whole thing that wasn't particularly in line with a dance track but really had a greet overall vibe and the keyboards and the groove were amazing. The glitch bits at the end were fun and didn't overrun the entire track, it felt nicely balanced with everything else, and just overall had a good groove to dance to and kept an awesome vibe that held onto the key themes of the songs. Congratulations to the winner on a job well done. Also it wasn't terribly long, the remixer said everything that should have been said in the time of the track. Great keyboard parts!"”