Amari Mar / Press

"@AmariMar i love your music ! Keep doin what u love! :-)

Melissa J - Twitter

"i lovelovelove your music this helps my bro's band a lot if they can get so many fans you will get tons"

Filmoonglot - www.musicexposure.org

"my mothafuckin friend, the next wave of that golden era of hip hop, Amari Mar"

Act Won - Reverbnation

“@AmariMar the flow is sick and mad lyrics bro.”

Blacktolite - Youtube

“Agreed, this flow is sick, and the lyrics are laid out very artistic. Thank God you're a part of this new hip-hop movement where the flow of the message is more important than the edginess or hardness you hear in the Radio hip hop world...”

DJSurcotti - youtube

“Your Music Drives the evil spirit out of us challenge to the values of the Enlightenment friendship—though free expression I am a free human being with an independent will. because I know that I am alone I predict future happiness for you and your music! (;\m/;) Good Luck To You Keep On Rocking! Cool videos Plays = 4 Sweet Gypsy”

Black Lung - Reverbnation

“That's Tha God yo!”

thedownrockrecords - Youtube

“Peace Love I really like your music ;) Thank you!”

jay13xoxo - Youtube

“killahh killaah,this is real hip hop.......103”

harmonokish1 - Youtube

“i love your flow brother!”

Besim333 - Youtube

“Stickin wit the real... #HipHop”

TheJMilesODW - Youtube

“this shit is sooo dope got damn”

YoungDef - youtube

“@AmariMar can yu send me blessings if i spit yu a verse mr god rhymer lol”

Snackx_Pack D-Bloc - Twitter

“@AmariMar Nice music. You have a lot of skill.”