Amarily / Press

“Her songs are sexy and flirty, not much different than herself. Amarily is destined to be the next big thing in Latin Pop. But don't let the soft voice fool you. Amarily proves herself to be an independent woman, as well as an independent recording artist. It was a pleasure chatting with someone who has such a drive to connect with her fans. ”

“Con una propuesta al estilo pop en dos idiomas, la cantante Amarily viene desde los Estados Unidos con el fin de dar a conocer su talento artístico a todos sus coterráneos.”

“Specializing in authentic, sexually charged electro-dance-pop, Amarily originally comes from the Dominican Republic but now calls Boston home. Promoting herself with recent singles such as “Take This Kiss” and “Mucho Dolares”, Amarily hopes to cater to the highly competitive mainstream club/radio pop scene with her very well-produced tracks and upcoming music video, which was produced in the Dominican Republic and is out now. After overcoming some personal hardship, Amarily is reinvigorated and ready to focus on her music career. I had a chance to discuss her thoughts recently on the music industry, her inspirations, and what we can expect to hear from this exciting artist in 2012.”